Saturday, June 9, 2007

Where I Run

I thought you guys might like to see one of my 'running tracks' here on my small Hebridean island. Go to to watch a very short video (only one minute) I made very early this morning.

Like Charles, I am something of a new boy when it comes to running. About 14 months ago I started training for the first ever Tiree 10k, discovered the Phedippidations podcast, and found myself getting into the mind-set of being a runner.

Actually, I'm more of a jogger (a term I don't have the least bit problem with). A couple of weeks back I ran the second Tiree 10k and was really upset with myself because I didn't manage to come in under the hour. (I actually came in at about 01:03 on a very hot afternoon.)

Then a few days later I was out for a very easy paced 'jog'. I thought to myself, "this feels really good, I wish it could always feel this good". And that's when I had one of those 'DOH!' moments.

Who said anything about me having to run (or jog) at whatever pace? The idea is to enjoy the run, not to transform myself into some kind of elder athlete.

Honest, it was something of a revelation. I've been really enjoying my running ever since. It's about a lifestyle choice, maintaining a good level of fitness and feeling good about myself and those around me. It's not about becoming Tiree's answer to Paul Tergat.

Oh well, that's my little rant. Run long, brothers and sisters!


MarathonChris said...

Gordon, you are now truly a Zen Runner :-)

MarathonChris said...

Oh, and the video is something else. i want to run there! Looks absolutely beautiful. With a place like that to run in, who would want to hurry?

Maddy said...

I agree with Chris. I want to run there too.

Road Trip to Scotland! w00t!

IrishBlue said...

Hi Gordon, welcome aboard. Wow, that's a beautiful place.

Keep enjoying the runs!

CewTwo said...

I have been places where I became a truly ZEN runner.

Moab, Utah is truly red canyon country. I feel true freedom as I run there!

I'm going there again in October. Maybe I can run my PWWHM run there! That would be nice!

CewTwo said...

Gordon, How did you upload your video?

Just wondering... Thanks for sharing your run area with us!