Friday, June 15, 2007

Making it Work

After reading Cory's post, becuase I had been planning the same thing (except the whole running in Italy part)I looked at the FAQ's for the PWWHM. And I realized that if I am going to make this work with my marathon taper, I will need to run a sanctioned race on October 6th when I have a 13 mile run scheduled. The next week, the offical week of the PWWHM, my schedule calls for nine miles.

So do I just run 13 miles eight days before my marathon? Or do I go to Jacksonville to run the Marine Corps Half Marathon On October 6th? It's about a two or two-and-a-half drive from here.

On the off chance that one of you are thinking about it - Is anyone planning on running the half in Jacksonville? Marathon Chris? I don't know what your training schedule calls for that weekend, but you could make October a Marines month...



MarathonChris said...

It is worth considering :-) However, my marathon is one week after yours, so my schedule for a 13 miler happens to fall right on the week of the WWH. The week you are talking about is when I am scheduled to run my last big run - 24 miles.

I could run the half in Jacksonville and then run another 10 or so the next day. I would have to be sure to run the half as a training run and not to set a new PR. But it could be a cool race to do together :-) Let's see how things go.

Petraruns said...

Ah ha - last year I seem to recall you could use a marathon run the weekend before or after and halve the time and I assumed it would be the same this time but clearly not.. So I'm totally in the same boat as Maddy. I think I'm going to do what Cory's doing though and just run a 13.1 miler 1 week before the race as there's a 12 miler in my schedule.. It won't be a fast one and it won't be an official race .. does that make me a bandit? Oops - just had a brainwave that hadn't occurred to us long-distance folk who will be in taper mode - how's about doing the 5K on the official weekend? That way you can do a slow one and not a far one - it'll fit in with the taper? Whaddaya think?

MarathonChris said...

I think if you do the 13.1 the weekend before it still counts. Then while running your taper long run the following weekend, you can be running like you are running with everyone else...except not as far! Perhaps be part of the race crew.

Which gives me an idea. I haven't used it but I got a twitter account. I wonder if we could do real time reports on our PWWHM while in process? If there is some way to send cheers and encouragement along to folks while they run.

Certainly we could do something along the lines of last year's cheers of encouragement episode of Phedip. I imagine there may be another one of those, but we could do something specific for our little race team (or with others discovering this blog along the way).

Kevin has something up his sleeve that we might be able to use - but I'm not going to let on and spoil his fun!