Saturday, June 16, 2007

Angels and Devils

Work-wise, it's been a heavy week for me. A bit stressful, to be honest. I once heard someone say that 80% of the things we worry about never come to pass. I don't know if that's true or not but certainly everything worked out for me in the end.

So here I am, it's Saturday and I put in my first run of the week this morning. I kept telling myself that I just couldn't get it together to go out running. Bed time just couldn't come fast enough these past few days.

But it really didn't have anything to do with fatigue. It had everything to do with my head.

I notice this morning as I was running the he wasn't with me. I guess you know who I'm talking about -that voice that appears in your head every now and again when you are out running. It says stuff like you don't really intend to keep this up for another five miles? Surely three will do ... ?

But he didn't appear once this morning. Well folks, that's the first time this week he hasn't been screwing up my running schedule.

Okay, I know there really is not little devil sitting on shoulder whispering temptations into my eye. Discipline is everything in running, it seems to me. And this has been a weak week for me.

Here's something I heard recently: 90% of running is psychological and the other 10% is all in your head.

Probably if I had got myself together and gone out running it would have been a better week. I still intend to run my training schedule before my 'running week' ends tomorrow, Sunday. Maybe my running guardian angel will appear and encourage me to new heights.

Let this be a lesson to me.


MarathonChris said...

I think that the part in your head is more than 10%, because, as you noticed, if the head is not in it, the body might not even start.

I find I have out outsmart "her" by keeping a few basic facts straight. One is that in all the running I have done, I am ALWAYS glad I ran by the time I get back. And when I stick it out on the longer runs, I am ALWAYS proud that I hung in there. So when "she" (a friend of mine calls her the gremlin) tells me things like "you have been so busy, better to sleep in" or "you can do this later, work is more important" or "just cut the run shorter today, there is so much to do" I remind myself of why I am out there. I get on better with the stress of work when I stick to my running.

But we all have good and bad weeks - and this one has been a rough one for you. That is not a terrible thing - today is a new day and you got out and ran. Perhaps this week will be a better week.

Don't let the "devil" beat you up for having a bad week! You just started a brand new great week!

Hang in there Gordon! :-)

Maddy said...

I'm glad you were out on the road today Gordon! Much like Chris, I always feel better when I run, but I also know that some days it can be difficult to get going.

In the past I have gotten dressed to run in hopes of changing my mindset, and when I haven't been able to get going I've gone back to bed.

The good thing is, the funk passes and before you know it, you feel like your old self again.

CewTwo said...

I think that I am lucky. I work a swing shift from 1:00 PM on. It might seem inconvenient, but there are a lot of advantages to it. I do not experience rush hour traffic. I get up and can lounge about before I do anything.

I treat my exercise time as a scheduled part of my daily routine. From 9:00 AM until I am done, exercise is my focus. I don't answer the phone or the pager. It can wait as I have my time then. It is easy to motivate and I hardly ever miss it.

The downside, of course, is when I have a rest day. I have faced my exercise as a Doctor's script. So, it is a health maintenance thing as much as anything.

That voice, however, is still about. When I am dragging butt, I can hear him talking to me. "You've done good, you can quit now." There is also a positive influence on the other shoulder. I hear, "You can do this! You only have 3 miles to go!" A lot.

There is great reward in completing a scheduled run. I look so forward to it. My friends often say that I am aggressive after a run. I contribute that to a good day's start and allows me to face my other demons! Like work!

Run long and taper!

Susan said...

I guess I will speak for an opposing opinion.

While I also have "the voice," I recognize that sometimes we just need to NOT run. Sometimes we MUST tend to other things... even if it is sleep or some event we don't particularly care for.

Nonetheless, there is nothing I'd rather be doing than running! My little voice knows that. So, like Chris, I often have to shut her up. She knows I'm boss! (Even though she wins...)

Way to get out there. Since you had such a rough week, I bet your run felt better than ever!

Gordon Scott said...

Yes, Sunday was a great day, with a 7.5 mile run, a 2 mile walk, and a 4.5 mile cycle. It's all a matter of perception. Sometimes it's good to get folks feeding in from outside your own head and I really appreciate your comments.

PLANET3RRY said...

I have "that" voice all the time. Most of the time I listen, sure I won't do 5 miles at 9:00, let's do 3 miles at 8:15!