Sunday, June 3, 2007

Super Long Run

12.66 miles in 2 hours 31 min and 12 sec. That is under a 12 min/mi pace (yay me) with a AHR of 155 (middle of aerobic zone). I felt pretty good the entire run!

21 weeks until MCM 2007!!


Maddy said...


Awesome run!

Was that a super, long run or a super-long run?

either way - great job!

Cory said...

That is great!! That AHR is very encouraging for that long of a run. Way to go!!!!

Bongga Mom said...

Way to go! I'm wondering whether to train for my first half-marathon myself (I've done one before but only walking). BTW, what's MCM?

petra duguid said...

Well done girlfriend! That's pretty impressive - especially that last bit "felt pretty good the entire run" - that's what we're aiming for here!

MarathonChris said...

To Bongga - MCM is the Marine Corps Marathon. :-)

I think you should go for the half marathon. You can do a combination of running and walking to start. I still take walking breaks every mile.