Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Any Guinea Pigs out there?

Hey peeps...

I'm trying to "test" a new way to leave a short training update for The Extra Mile Podcast.

Anyone wanna help me test?

If you are in for it, call 1-513-397-0525 and leave me a short (2 minute) update.


That's What I'm Talkin' About!

If you didn't send me your total miles from June 1st, please add them to the comment section below.

Here's how we stand:

  • Charlie: 440.90

  • Susan: 167.70

  • Terry: 110.13

  • Melisa: 175.00

  • Chris: 323.00

  • Maddy: 278.77

  • Total: 1,495.50

    It's amazing to me that collectively we have gone a long, long way. We are missing miles for some, so I would guess we are closer to 2,000 collective miles in less than three months.

    Awesome Job Peeps!

    Sunday, August 26, 2007

    Audio Slide Show and Race Report: Isle of Coll Half Marathon

    Hi Guys. Thought you might enjoy this new entry on my blog. I ran the 10k stretch of the above race yesterday. The Isle of Coll is the island next to the Isle of Tiree, where I live. This is an audio slide show - pictures with my commentary - and there's also a text race report too. Go to

    Friday, August 24, 2007

    Mojo a No Go

    Petra is right. (And she's so darn cute too, isn't she?) Where's the mojo? I would give you all advice, but my mojo is a no go at this point. I'm shooting for some serious goal setting this week. Meanwhile, any advice from you veterans?

    Thursday, August 23, 2007

    who took the mojo?

    Okay guys and gals - time to 'fess up - who took the mojo???? Hey? Where has it gone? I've just posted my latest message and reading round the blogs I can see I'm not the only one struggling. So - what can we do? Tips? Tricks? Motivational songs? Time to share and share alike. We've got some races to run in the near future and would like to get there in one piece.. with minds (somewhat) intact. So let's hear if from y'all - what do you do to get your run on?

    Tuesday, August 21, 2007

    How Many Miles?

    We are just over two and-a-half months into this cooperative blogging effort.

    How many miles have you run since June 1st?

    Please email me (address on my profile) and I will tabulate our total miles as a group.

    I bet there are a lot miles among these great friends...

    Monday, August 13, 2007

    I Have Finished In My Second Half-Marathon!

    These things are always nerve wracking. It was a cool, crisp Saturday in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The starting elevation was 8,500' and the finish elevation was 7,500'.

    I got my bib number (3711) and my shoe chip. Then I sat around watching the people show up. What a group of people! I have no idea how many started the race. I do know that 2,053 finished it. There were 1,150 female and 903 males.

    There was a huge mass of people at the start line. There were people everywhere! The registration table said that there were 3200 entries.

    I never heard the the start gun. Unfortunately, I chose the wrong time to get into line for the porta-potties prior to the start. As I waited in this line (which took forever to move) I kept hearing the countdown go lower and lower. I got out and ran for the back of the group.

    Soon everyone started moving. I figure it took 3 minutes from the starting gun to when I crossed the starting line.

    This was by far the largest group that I have run with yet. As this mass of people started to head into the course, there were bobbing heads and shoulders for as far as I could see.

    It was fun to watch as people in the neighbor hood showed up on their front porches and balconies to watch as this mass of runners passed through their neighborhood.

    We ran through the North side of Georgetown and around the lake. Here is the pack as we return to the starting point where we were catching the frontage road to I-70 to head east.

    The race went well. I was ready for an energy gel at around the 4 mile mark. That's when I remembered that I did not pack them. A lot of good they're going to do me at home on my dresser. Doh! I re-grouped. About the only thing I could do is beg from another runner (too degrading) or concentrate on just getting gatorade at the water stations. That's the plan! I came up on the next water table and what did I grab? I grabbed water! Why'd I do that? Doh! Doh! Doh!

    It was between miles 10 and 12 that I felt the energy drain from my body. I had maintained a fair pace between 10:30 and 11:00 per mile until then. After that, though, it was a matter of making sure that I kept placing that one foot in front of the other! It wasn't until we reached the town of Idaho Springs that I was able to summon up something from deep within. Even that didn't come until the course went downhill. I was able to pass everyone on the downhill run to the finish line!

    I did cross the finish line! I finished at position 1,753.

    I immediately went into the stadium, where I was sure I was going to pass out (it was really getting hot about then). I found some gatorade and sat until I recovered somewhat.

    I found the tent where they were handing out the T shirts and got an energy bar at the same time. Then I saw people with plates of delicious looking food! I went and found that tent!

    I got a plate and loaded it with watermelon slices, oranges, bananas, bagels and cream cheese. I chowed down while listening to the awards and the give-aways! It was a great way to spend the morning.

    Oh yeah... Did I break my previous PR (Personal Record)?

    Yep! Not by much but that doesn't matter! My gun time (official start to finish) was 2:31:21. My chip time was 2:28:01. My last half-marathon was 2:33:22, So I shaved 2:01 off of my gun time, and 5:21 off of my chip time.

    Not too bad for an older guy!

    The time for first place (men's) in this race? 1:09: and some chump change. Amazing! 4:30 + pace for 13 miles!

    The additional training did pay off for me. The additional hills and trail runs were very beneficial. I do know that before I compete again, I will definitely need to do more interval training.

    Sunday, August 12, 2007

    Runner's Toe

    Ugh!!! Well my middle toe on BOTH feet were hurting a bit after getting the new running shoes, but after doing that 18 miler last weekend, I think I finally did them in.

    Now the middle toenails on both feet are a deep shade of red and getting darker (good bye nail). I did some research on line and it had horrible stories of popping the blisters under the nail and such. As you can tell this is my first experience.

    It appears that my new Asics (Kayano 13) have a pointier toe than the old Brooks Addictions I have had forever. So this past week I have brought out the old Brooks for running and need to get back to the store to get a different pair of running shoes, this time with more room in the toe box.

    My right middle toe does not hurt so much but the left one is still tender. I am able to tie the Brooks with my foot at the back on the heel to relieve any pressure on the toe. Fortunately, my long run tomorrow is only 10 miles.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

    Thursday, August 2, 2007

    My next half-marathon is getting close...

    What can I say? I am glad it will be in the front range of the Colorado Rocky Mountains! Temperatures will be much cooler and it will be scenic. The race benefits the Clear Creek County School Boosters system.

    This is the largest race that I will have participated in as of yet. It is estimated to have 3,000 participants at the 7:00 AM starting line. I am planning on starting at the back of the pack and will attempt an 11 minute pace.

    I will run it, and I have a friend that has volunteered to assist at the Finish line in retrieving the chips.

    My training has not been as complete as the last half-marathon I participated in, although I have put in the miles.

    I am starting to concentrate on nutrition and hydration so I know I will be ready for the race.

    The race is explained here should anyone be interested -

    For those members of Team Elijah - I will be wearing my "Pray For Elijah" band in the race.

    Let's get some banter going here - Inspire me!