Thursday, August 23, 2007

who took the mojo?

Okay guys and gals - time to 'fess up - who took the mojo???? Hey? Where has it gone? I've just posted my latest message and reading round the blogs I can see I'm not the only one struggling. So - what can we do? Tips? Tricks? Motivational songs? Time to share and share alike. We've got some races to run in the near future and would like to get there in one piece.. with minds (somewhat) intact. So let's hear if from y'all - what do you do to get your run on?


Susan said...

I almost feel that it is sheer stubborness that gets me out there these days. I say to myself "I HAVE TO DO IT." No questions asked. I have an extreme hope that cooler temperatures will restore my mojo!!!

CewTwo said...

I don't know what to suggest either. I am doing my runs (junk miles at the moment - pleasing, non-stressful keep-up-the-conditioning junk miles) and it is pure pleasure.

Still and all I think the mojo is there (very cute picture - and the concept is cute, too!). We're just giving it our all and have little or nothing left to blog with!

BTW - Nice mention of you, Petra, on "The Zen Runner" #20!

Now, I had an early Doctor appointment this morning and did my four mile tempo run early this morning. That puts me at 34 miles so far for the week...


MarathonChris said...

Maybe we can plan a group Zen know, the kind of run you run for fun, no Garmin, no plan, no timing or pace.

Shall we pick a date for a group virtual Zen run? Don't even plan a distance or time. Perhaps even find a place where you don't always run just to change things up.

It has been a tough summer - hot or rainy or just plain busy. For me I think I need a bit more routine (kids are back in school) and a good local race to motivate me.