Thursday, August 2, 2007

My next half-marathon is getting close...

What can I say? I am glad it will be in the front range of the Colorado Rocky Mountains! Temperatures will be much cooler and it will be scenic. The race benefits the Clear Creek County School Boosters system.

This is the largest race that I will have participated in as of yet. It is estimated to have 3,000 participants at the 7:00 AM starting line. I am planning on starting at the back of the pack and will attempt an 11 minute pace.

I will run it, and I have a friend that has volunteered to assist at the Finish line in retrieving the chips.

My training has not been as complete as the last half-marathon I participated in, although I have put in the miles.

I am starting to concentrate on nutrition and hydration so I know I will be ready for the race.

The race is explained here should anyone be interested -

For those members of Team Elijah - I will be wearing my "Pray For Elijah" band in the race.

Let's get some banter going here - Inspire me!


MarathonChris said...

Wow, the first big race of this board me thinks!!! I think you have the right idea - nutrition, rest and hydration between now and then - keep up the good miles and taper well!

So lets see....11 min/mi pace is about a 2:24 time. Sounds like a good goal to shoot for!!!

Looking forward to the race report.

Susan said...

Go Charlie go!!!! I will absolutely be rooting you on. I will even tell Elijah's parents so they can be checking for your report!

Elijah, by the way, just returned from a special summer camp for kids with cancer. I understand that he had the time of his life!