Friday, June 29, 2007

Pray For Elijah reminder bands are in!

I have just received word from Elijah's dad, Britt, that the oodles of reminder bands I order are in! He will bring them to me today at lunchtime. So... if you'd like one, please e-mail me your address. My e-mail address can be found on my profile page. I will try to get them in the mail over the weekend. It is likely that your next longrun can be accomplished while wearing a "Pray For Elijah" reminder band!

Elijah gives this idea two thumbs up!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Give it a listen

Nothing I can say could compare to the AWESOME post of Susan's below! Running a marathon is such a cool thing by itself, but pairing that feat with becoming a St. Jude Hero is something I can't even come up with the rights words to describe!

I did want to make you all aware of a new podcast the MarathonChris, Nigel and I have put together to help follow all of YOUR awesome running events you have planned this fall/winter. So Susan, grab your microphone and get over to and tell us all what you have planned and how you are doing!

That goes for the rest of you too, my Blog Buddies!


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Running For A Reason

You can read the whole story over at my blog if you like... but I plan to train for the St. Jude Memphis Marathon (12/1/07) in honor of our friend Elijah!!! AND I am going to set a PR!!! Since it will be my second marathon, I think it is realistic to focus on a faster time and not just finishing. Here is my inspiration:

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Who's Doing What???

Hi Everyone! Since we're sharing our training here on this blog, I thought it'd be nice to have a little table in the side bar that said what major race we're training for and the race date, with links to the person's blog for more info. If you're training for more than one big race in the Fall or Winter, feel free to mention all of them.

So ... if you want to be included in the table, just leave a comment. When most of us have replied, Chris and I will get that table up so we can see at a glance who's doing what!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Race Alert

I just read that the Nike Women's Race has been so successful in San Francisco, that that Nike is adding a new half marathon in Chicago on April 20, 2008.

I haven't seen any registration or additional information, other than what I read in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Newsletter.

I am going to keep an eye out for registration information. And will keep everyone posted.

If I can swing it, I'm going to run this one.

Friday, June 22, 2007

No more blisters - allegedly

Hey all - in great haste but just wanted to share the following - went to see a podiatrist on Monday who sold me this stuff. I have some hard skin beneath my big toe and apparently smoothing some of this underneath it (1mm thick, we are metric in these parts) before putting on running socks and sweating in my shoes for a while should do the trick. He is a climber (the podiatrist) and also claims this stuff works miracles for blister hot spots - just put a layer on before putting on your socks and hey presto! no more blisters!

Don't know whether you can get this stuff on your side of the Atlantic but their other products are outstanding so I think it's probably good stuff. I'm heading over to Canada in 2 weeks and am happy to post a stash out to all interested parties from there - just let me know.

That's all for now! Happy weekend running!

I'm All a' Twitter

Marathon Chris mentioned in a comment several days ago about the possibility of twitter updates in real-time as we particpate in the PWWHM. I don't know if we'll all be running at the exact same time, on the same day or any of the logistical details. But we have time to work that out.

I went to the twitter site and created an account for myself. It took less than five minutes, and that includes uploading a picture.

If you don't have a twitter account, you should get one, all the cool kids are doing it. // End PEER PRESSURE

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Elijah has been tagged!

This handsome devil is Elijah -- of Team Elijah fame. His family and mine spent several hours together on Sunday. We are photographed here just before starting a game of mini-golf. (I conveniently cropped out mine and Chasen's heads!) His yellow t-shirt is a commemorative one; last year he hosted his very own lemonade stand to raise awareness of childhood cancer. It was quite successful! He will do the same again this summer.
Elijah's website is He is doing very well with his second round of chemo. In fact, he his this week OFF and gets to go hang out with friends at his summer care program.
At Marathon Chris's suggestion, I "tagged" Elijah (his mom, actually) so that we may all learn six odd facts about him. Here they are: (thanks, Dawn!!!)
1. He has a scar on his tongue. When he was one year old he fell at daycare and bit ALL THE WAY through his tongue.. He still has a scar which he proudly shows anyone.

2. He is teaching himself to write in cursive. He asked for a workbook to learn how to write each letter and practices regularly. He already knows how to sign his name.. Not bad for just finishing kindergarten.

3. Last summer Elijah got to swim in the Atlantic Ocean and meet Mickey Mouse on the East Coast. This summer he will get to swim in the Pacific Ocean and meet Mickey on the West Coast!

4. Elijah was the first kid at Arkansas Children’s Hospital to assist in his own bone marrow transplant! The procedure is an IV push of the stem cells and Elijah wanted to push his own. Quite impressive!!!

5. Elijah is named after his grandfather, Elijah Everett Talley, Jr. and his great grandfather, Elijah Everett Talley, Sr. (Elijah’s Papa goes by his middle name, though.)

6. Every year on his birthday, Elijah has his picture taken in the hospital shirt his dad wore on the day he was born so we can see how much he grows from year to year.

FYI: Powerade 59cents, maybe

This post may or may not be prevalent to you. First, if you don't like Powerade, you can move on... it's not for you. Second, you have to have a Food City (grocery store/supermarket) near you.

On my visit to Food City this morning, there was a huge display of Powerade for 88 cents each. Powerade usually costs about $1 at Wal-mart, so it was a good deal. But if you bought 10 32oz bottle, you got 5 for free, thus lowering your cost to 59cents each.

In the past local convenience stores have offered a BOGO free deal, but at $1.59, that's still 80 cents a bottle.

I can not confirm if this at all Food Cities or just the one in Tennessee.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Interval training - it hurts but it works

This weekend's New York Times had an article on interval training which seems to prove that interval training works.. What a painful reality! (e-mail me if link doesn't work and I'll send you a pdf).

I for one am now determined to turn Uncle Hal's shorter runs into interval sessions. MarathonChris is just bombing ahead and I need to get myself speedier and intervals, it seems, are the answer..

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Angels and Devils

Work-wise, it's been a heavy week for me. A bit stressful, to be honest. I once heard someone say that 80% of the things we worry about never come to pass. I don't know if that's true or not but certainly everything worked out for me in the end.

So here I am, it's Saturday and I put in my first run of the week this morning. I kept telling myself that I just couldn't get it together to go out running. Bed time just couldn't come fast enough these past few days.

But it really didn't have anything to do with fatigue. It had everything to do with my head.

I notice this morning as I was running the he wasn't with me. I guess you know who I'm talking about -that voice that appears in your head every now and again when you are out running. It says stuff like you don't really intend to keep this up for another five miles? Surely three will do ... ?

But he didn't appear once this morning. Well folks, that's the first time this week he hasn't been screwing up my running schedule.

Okay, I know there really is not little devil sitting on shoulder whispering temptations into my eye. Discipline is everything in running, it seems to me. And this has been a weak week for me.

Here's something I heard recently: 90% of running is psychological and the other 10% is all in your head.

Probably if I had got myself together and gone out running it would have been a better week. I still intend to run my training schedule before my 'running week' ends tomorrow, Sunday. Maybe my running guardian angel will appear and encourage me to new heights.

Let this be a lesson to me.

Friday, June 15, 2007

The Perfect Storm


Irish Blue in a Running Shoe Mentioned on Wildly Popular Email Marketing Voodoo Blog

Our friend Melisa and her post on Champion's Vapor Bra received a mention and a link in the Email Marketing Blog, Email Marketing Voodoo

Kudos to Melisa for being a part of the Perfect Storm!

- END -

Making it Work

After reading Cory's post, becuase I had been planning the same thing (except the whole running in Italy part)I looked at the FAQ's for the PWWHM. And I realized that if I am going to make this work with my marathon taper, I will need to run a sanctioned race on October 6th when I have a 13 mile run scheduled. The next week, the offical week of the PWWHM, my schedule calls for nine miles.

So do I just run 13 miles eight days before my marathon? Or do I go to Jacksonville to run the Marine Corps Half Marathon On October 6th? It's about a two or two-and-a-half drive from here.

On the off chance that one of you are thinking about it - Is anyone planning on running the half in Jacksonville? Marathon Chris? I don't know what your training schedule calls for that weekend, but you could make October a Marines month...


Thursday, June 14, 2007


OK, I have decided what is going to happen for my World Wide Half Race. I have finally signed up and am entrant #231. You can find my running under Corman on BuckeyeOutdoors. Since I cannot commit to a Half-marathon the weekend of October 13-14, and there are no organized races in my area the weekend before, I am going to use a very nice training run for my race. I know it is a little outside of the rules but I am going to run and if my time is not allowed then at least I ran.

A cool twist, however, is I am also going to run a 5K the weekend of the WWH. I will be somewhere off the coast of Italy on a cruise ship and am going to make a 5K run on the ship's running track. I think that will be fun!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

10 Days!

10 days to go to my very first half-marathon race!

Oh, the misery of anticipation and the final few days of training!

Tips, please!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Team Elijah is now Active

For those who are participating in the PWWHM, I have created a Team Elijah. Just log in, go to the teams page and select that team!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Back In Town

Hello all! I'm thankful to be back at home. This marks the third weekend in a row that I've traveled. And my boss wants to have us up to his cabin this next weekend. I'm going to try my hardest to get out of it! It all sounds fun... but being away is hard after a while. It takes a lot out of me these days!

I did manage to stay on my training plan while I was in Louisiana. Contrary to days gone by, running gear is starting to overtake my suitcase!

Have an excellent week.


Help with Swimming

Picture from

Well, I am really enjoying the spirit of cross training. With the heat of summer now full upon us here in Florida, I got in some swimming yesterday and today. After 15 min, I am really beat. Not to mention that the motion of swimming doesn't seem very natural for me yet.

I could use any and all advice about swimming: correct motion, what to do with my feet, how to breathe, basic equipment, etc.

Perhaps I can extend the swimming to closer to 30 min if I work at it.

Lose Weight, Gain Speed

For those of you who don't get Runner's World, this chart was also posted on CRN in this article:

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Bloks, Gu, Gel and Beans

I have had virtually no experience with supplemental running fuel, such as Bloks, Gu, Gel and Beans. I know this is something I will want to experiment as my long runs get longer.

I don't even know where to start.

I have run eight half marathons and experimented with Gu only at the Disney Half last January - I have always skipped it in the past. What did I learn? Apple Pie Gu isn't my favorite.

My Questions:

  • What tastes good?

  • When do I eat it (is it even eating?)

  • What else do I need to know?
  • Where I Run

    I thought you guys might like to see one of my 'running tracks' here on my small Hebridean island. Go to to watch a very short video (only one minute) I made very early this morning.

    Like Charles, I am something of a new boy when it comes to running. About 14 months ago I started training for the first ever Tiree 10k, discovered the Phedippidations podcast, and found myself getting into the mind-set of being a runner.

    Actually, I'm more of a jogger (a term I don't have the least bit problem with). A couple of weeks back I ran the second Tiree 10k and was really upset with myself because I didn't manage to come in under the hour. (I actually came in at about 01:03 on a very hot afternoon.)

    Then a few days later I was out for a very easy paced 'jog'. I thought to myself, "this feels really good, I wish it could always feel this good". And that's when I had one of those 'DOH!' moments.

    Who said anything about me having to run (or jog) at whatever pace? The idea is to enjoy the run, not to transform myself into some kind of elder athlete.

    Honest, it was something of a revelation. I've been really enjoying my running ever since. It's about a lifestyle choice, maintaining a good level of fitness and feeling good about myself and those around me. It's not about becoming Tiree's answer to Paul Tergat.

    Oh well, that's my little rant. Run long, brothers and sisters!

    Friday, June 8, 2007

    Who Am I?

    Just wanted to take a moment or two to introduce myself.

    I am a 54 year old runner. I have been running for health since November of 2005. At that time I was diagnosed with Metabolic Syndrome. What does that mean? Fat and lazy. I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, was pre-diabetic and wore size 42 pants with a XXXL shirt. Not a good thing.

    My Doctor worked with me to change my diet and to run. I was prescribed an 1800 calorie diet (low card, low glycemic, low fat, low sodium). The real advantage? I learned to run!

    Six months later I had low cholesterol (dramatically), lower blood pressure, was no longer pre-diabetic, lost 60+ pounds and was wearing size 34 pants and L shirts. I was convinced! Running is for me.

    I met Susan through a podcast that we both listened to. Susan introduced me to two things - competitive running and blogging! I appreciate her friendship a great deal.

    Blogging is a wonderful thing and I feel that I know all of you through your blogs. Thanks for sharing your experiences and challenges with me as I am an improved person through those blogs.

    I ran my first 5K race last month and in 14 days I will run my first half-marathon.

    Running for a Cause

    When I am running, I think about a lot of things. One thing I think about is how fortunate I am that I can even run, when there are lots of people out there who can barely walk - or people who are struggling just for their lives. I have this idea that I would like to run "for" someone - but really hadn't identified anyone. But I got an idea while reading the story of a young man who is almost 6 years old and is fighting for the second time in 2 years with a cancer known as Neuroblastoma.

    Elijah Talley is a good friend of Susan's. I discovered his website through Susan's blog. I signed his guest book and received email each time an update was made to the website. I had kind of stopped reading it until recently when I went to the website to read an update. At that time I discovered that the cancer he had fought off had returned and he is now back in chemotherapy.

    One recent journal entry offered wristbands for sale to remind people to pray for Elijah. I thought it would be cool to wear the wrist band while running to remind me to think and pray for Elijah while out on the road. Then I thought it might be cool if our little band of runners would do that this summer as we prepare for our fall half and full marathons.

    That would be it - just wearing the bands and remembering him while we train. There is no obligation and if you are not interested you don't have to participate. Just an idea I thought I would share. I will be doing it hope that some of you might join me as well :-)

    Run Strong!!

    Thursday, June 7, 2007

    Parrott Predictor

    Parrots from

    No, a Parrott Predictor has nothing to do with birds estimating your running performance. From the running log spreadsheet I use (which I cannot for the life of me recall where I downloaded it from) the Parrott Predictor is described as follows:

    "George Parrott, known affectionately as "Coach George" on the Dead Runners Society listserve, presented this idea a couple of years ago. He suggests that a runner can run no faster in the Marathon than he runs his fastest 26.2 miles in a week during training."

    Now that I have surpassed 26.2 miles in a single week, my Predictor tool is predicting.

    For the first week of January (when I ran the Disney Marathon) the Parrott Predictor had me running a marathon in no more than 5:38:11 (my actual chip time was 5:47:27 - pretty close considering the heat that day - although 26.2 of those miles were the actual marathon).

    For the week starting May 21st, when I ran 28.3 total miles, the Parrott has my best marathon time at 5:04:12.

    For the week starting May 28th, when I ran 29.9 total miles, the Parrott has my best time at 4:52:44.

    I'm thinking a 5 hour marathon might be in my grasp!! Raaawwwwk!

    Wednesday, June 6, 2007

    Finding the water

    I had a great swim today and beat some of my times that I have been loosely recording on my swimming. Not that I have the same passion for swimming that I have for running, but I enjoyed the fact that I have been getting faster in the pool. I even attempted to do a flip turn and although I looked like a sick walrus at flip time, I didn't get water up my nose.

    I am not sure what I will be able to do Thursday and Friday for working out at lunchtime but we will see.

    Instant Messenger Idea

    Thought it might be cool to share Instant Messenger screen names so we could all IM each other. Think that's a good idea? Maybe not post it here, but we could email them. I know AOL and MSN talk to each other. I assume Yahoo does as well. I KNOW Nigel and I like the idea. We've been chatting about the rest of you!! ;-)

    What's everyone think?

    Running tidbits

    Petra, you are just too cute!

    I thought this might be a good blog to share running tidbits, articles, and interesting info we come across.

    If you get Runner's World, check out the Lose Weight, Gain Speed chart on pg 68. I think we've discussed this in our blogs. According to the chart, losing 10 pounds could shave 8:44 minutes off your marathon time, 20 pounds shaves off 17:28! Even if these are estimated times, I find this really motivating. So motivating, I just passed up an ice cream bar. I'm a tower of self-control, aren't I...bahahahah.

    Another online article I thought was interesting appeared on CRN today, the link:

    Parts of it were a little technical, but I liked the overall point he was making about how the body changes and adapts to the stress we put it under, which is basically how we improve time/speed. Very cool...

    Tuesday, June 5, 2007

    No long runs yet but the joy will come

    Sorry to not have posted yet - Maddy, Chris, Susan, Melissa, Terry, Gordon, Kevin and whoever else joins up - what a great running community we have created here already. And you know what? It's already working as a motivational tool for me.. Yesterday I was scheduled for 30 mins of cross training. Summer has FINALLY arrived here so I was out in the pool but after 15 minutes of breaststroke I could no longer cope with the boredom. Knowing that I would have to fess up to everyone here though I then went upstairs and did another 20 minutes on the elliptical..

    Given that I am artistically incompetent I can't match Melissa or Maddy's artistic endeavours I had my 6 year old take a picture of me showing what I think of the blog! Cheesy but true!

    Keep on running and sharing!

    Scotland Calling

    Hello from Scotland. Gordon here. Posting just to say 'hi' and how glad I am to be part of this group. I'm a 51 year-old slightly overweight runner aiming for the PWWHM and a couple of other races later in the year. This is a great idea Chris, well done.

    "Long" is a relative term

    8.75 miles yesterday.. my LONG run! Felt great after I finished but sore later. Need to add some hill training and tempo runs soon.

    Monday, June 4, 2007

    I love this blog!

    I have just returned from North Carolina (see my blog). I did manage to squeeze in a 2-miler while I was there.

    Sunday, June 3, 2007

    Super Long Run

    12.66 miles in 2 hours 31 min and 12 sec. That is under a 12 min/mi pace (yay me) with a AHR of 155 (middle of aerobic zone). I felt pretty good the entire run!

    21 weeks until MCM 2007!!

    Ditto...thanks Chris!

    Thanks so much for getting this blog going Chris. Looks great!

    Saturday, June 2, 2007

    Shout out to Marathon Chris!

    Shout Out to Marathon Chris for setting up this blog so we can all see far we're running collectively as we ramp up for our fall Marathons and Half Marathons.

    Marathon Chris... You're a ROCKSTAR!

    Friday, June 1, 2007

    Let's Rock and Roll

    All right! Another awesome blog! Phedippidations World Wide Half registratoin opens today! I hope that you can participate in this event as part of what ever Fall Race you are going to race. Maybe it will be your premier event!

    I'm undecided what I am going to run... I am eyeballing Chickamauga Marathon (Georgia) or Harpeth Hills Marathon (Tennessee) as fall marathons...

    Our Miles Tracking Blog is Up and Running!

    Well, here it is folks!!! Let me know if you want to change the template or anything else. I have sent email invites to folks I have email addresses for. If you want posting access just send me your email address and I will add you. You can send it to me at

    Also, let me know what your id is on Buckeye so we can link your training to this site. I think I can do it...or maybe you will need to.

    Let's see how this works! Happy running!!!