Tuesday, June 19, 2007

FYI: Powerade 59cents, maybe

This post may or may not be prevalent to you. First, if you don't like Powerade, you can move on... it's not for you. Second, you have to have a Food City (grocery store/supermarket) near you.

On my visit to Food City this morning, there was a huge display of Powerade for 88 cents each. Powerade usually costs about $1 at Wal-mart, so it was a good deal. But if you bought 10 32oz bottle, you got 5 for free, thus lowering your cost to 59cents each.

In the past local convenience stores have offered a BOGO free deal, but at $1.59, that's still 80 cents a bottle.

I can not confirm if this at all Food Cities or just the one in Tennessee.


Maddy said...

I used to work at a beer distributor - That's when I learned that the discounts are set by the suppliers -

That means there is a good possibility Powerade is on sale in some form or fashion everywhere.

The 64oz. bottles are 10 for $10 right now at Winn-Dixie, with the Winn-Dixie rewards card. (Sale ends today)

Thanks for sharing the sale with us Terry!

PLANET3RRY said...


The 64oz sale is even better than the FoodCity deal. Although our Winn-Dixie's have gone the way of the dinosaur

MarathonChris said...

I am a Gatorade user but wanting to switch (although most races use Powerade these days). I want to use a drink with less sugar and high fructose corn syrup (a fancy name for sugar).

Any recommendations. The Clif Shots I use are mostly organic and don't contain any of that hard to pronounce stuff.