Friday, June 22, 2007

No more blisters - allegedly

Hey all - in great haste but just wanted to share the following - went to see a podiatrist on Monday who sold me this stuff. I have some hard skin beneath my big toe and apparently smoothing some of this underneath it (1mm thick, we are metric in these parts) before putting on running socks and sweating in my shoes for a while should do the trick. He is a climber (the podiatrist) and also claims this stuff works miracles for blister hot spots - just put a layer on before putting on your socks and hey presto! no more blisters!

Don't know whether you can get this stuff on your side of the Atlantic but their other products are outstanding so I think it's probably good stuff. I'm heading over to Canada in 2 weeks and am happy to post a stash out to all interested parties from there - just let me know.

That's all for now! Happy weekend running!


Susan said...

This may be just what I need to protect me from my beloved Brooks Adrenaline GTS 7!!!!

My dad was from Canada. Born and raised in London, Ontario.

J. Scott Cameron said...

hi folks. for what it is worth ... from a canadian to many ... when i run 15 KM races and longer i lather 100% of my feet in vaseline ... it works great ... it's inexpensive. i also vaseline my underarms, side of my torso, butt, waste and privies, nipples too ... been doing it for years. excellent results. cheers, scott

J. Scott Cameron said...

hey sue...i am from london, ontario too! cheers, scott