Thursday, June 14, 2007


OK, I have decided what is going to happen for my World Wide Half Race. I have finally signed up and am entrant #231. You can find my running under Corman on BuckeyeOutdoors. Since I cannot commit to a Half-marathon the weekend of October 13-14, and there are no organized races in my area the weekend before, I am going to use a very nice training run for my race. I know it is a little outside of the rules but I am going to run and if my time is not allowed then at least I ran.

A cool twist, however, is I am also going to run a 5K the weekend of the WWH. I will be somewhere off the coast of Italy on a cruise ship and am going to make a 5K run on the ship's running track. I think that will be fun!


Maddy said...

Running on a ship off the coast of Italy.


I hope your Half Marathon time counts.

Maybe you could email the race directors and ask for an exemption. I was thinking about doing that as well.

CewTwo said...

Ben is pretty quick at getting back to you with any questions!

I think it would be totally cool to do what you are planning. Something to remember your whole life. Something to share with family and friends!

Great idea!

MarathonChris said...

...and running on the ship while many are running the WWH - very cool :-)

I believe they allow your run to take place the week immediately preceding or immediately following the weekend of Oct 13th - just check with them. It doesn't have to be an organized race - a 13.1 mile training run time is just fine!

Last year I ran a 10K on that weekend and when I got home ran another 7 miles to wrap it up. I used an average pace to calculate my total time.