Thursday, June 28, 2007

Give it a listen

Nothing I can say could compare to the AWESOME post of Susan's below! Running a marathon is such a cool thing by itself, but pairing that feat with becoming a St. Jude Hero is something I can't even come up with the rights words to describe!

I did want to make you all aware of a new podcast the MarathonChris, Nigel and I have put together to help follow all of YOUR awesome running events you have planned this fall/winter. So Susan, grab your microphone and get over to and tell us all what you have planned and how you are doing!

That goes for the rest of you too, my Blog Buddies!



Susan said...

Oh my! I don't even have a microphone. Someone will have to help this audio unsavvy woman out!

MarathonChris said...

Well I have two microphones and I can't get either to work! :-) Most computers come with a cheap one - or you can use any digital recorder you can download to your computer....

Maybe we can post some ideas for folks who don't have iRivers or capabilities they currently use on their computer.

PLANET3RRY said...

I've been using a free Service called Jott at

It's a voice messaging system that you call and leave yourself a message (or other Jotters) and that message can be transcribe into text and sent to your email. Inside the email is the audio file. It's free and very handy when you want to "jot" something down but don't have pen and paper and just your phone (like walking back to office after working out at lunch).

So, a person, let's call her... Susan for anomymity. Signs up for a free Jott, then she can call the Jot and say... Damn I have kicked ass this week! The audio files goes to her email and she can send said podcasters her audio file sans microphone.

ShirleyPerly said...

Wow, that Jott service sounds really cool. Thanks for letting us know about it!!

Susan said...

I will have to "Jott down" this info! Ha.