Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Couple Quick Announcements

1. We've got another two VRR members: Akshaye and TinaGirl. Welcome to you both!

2. Registration fees for the Run with Donna 26.2 (aka National Breast Cancer Marathon) on February 9, 2009, go up after May 1. I know some of us were interested in running it so just wanted to remind folks if you haven't yet registered. I just signed up for the half yesterday!

Early entry: by 5/1/08 - $85
Entry between: 5/2/08-10/31/08 - $95
Entry between: 11/1/08-2/14/09 - $125

Half marathon
Early entry: by 5/1/08 – $60
Entry between: 5/2/08-10/31/08 - $75
Entry between: 11/1/08 - 2/14/09 - $95

Added: The Pink Bandanna Blog is where you can see who else is doing this race!

Monday, April 28, 2008

VRR Runs Weekend of 4/24-27

First of all, we are still growing! We've just added RunningGeezer26.2 to our team roster and a couple more have expressed interest in joining us soon. And just to remind everyone, the Run the World Campaign is 4 months long so we will be doing this group running thing through the end of July. Anyone is welcome to join us at any time. Just email me.

And now for the weekend mileage call. Post away!

Monday, April 21, 2008

VRR Runs Weekend of 4/18-20

All righty, we're now three weeks into our 4-month running group thing. For some of us, there's still snow on the ground. For others, it's 80+ degrees!

How'd we do?

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

2 more VRR members!

Added: This post is doubling as the call for mileages for the weekend of 4/11-4/13.

Just a quick note to say that CewTwo has joined our virtual running group and also WV Momma, a friend of Jade Lady's. WV Momma does not have a blog but will be posting her mileage here on Mondays. Here's a little info about her:

A Midwestern transplant to West Virginia who is a mom and works as a federal investigator. For many years she's enjoyed playing volleyball, running, and reading when she's not chasing her kids. Loves Jane Austen, PBS, and NPR! Not a techie -- what the heck is blogging?

Welcome WV Momma and CewTwo, who is now back from Moab and has some awesome photos of his trip posted on his blog.

Now with 6 of us on VRR (ShirleyPerly, Jade Lady, Maddy, Marathon Chris, CewTwo and WV Momma), our goal to run 100 miles/month should be quite attainable even if one of us misses a run for whatever reason. We've got 29.45 miles so far for April.

Let's have fun and run!!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

VRR Runs weekend of 4/4-6

So this weekend was the first group run by Virtual Runners Rock (VRR), a small group of us participating in the Run the World campaign mentioned below. In case some folks are not using Buckeye Outdoors, and to avoid having to study everyone's training logs, please just post your group run mileages in the comments. Again, if you ran more than once this weekend, just post the mileage for your longest run :-) Feel free to include any details you want about your run too!!

And if you want to join VRR, just let us know. We're shooting to run 100 miles/month and can use a couple more people in case one of us misses a run for some reason.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New Running Mate & Run the World Campaign!

Some of you have already met my sister Jade Lady. I'm happy to announce that she's also now our newest running mate!

Also, there's a new Run the World Campaign being launched this week by one of the Team Evotri members. This one's really simple and no swimming is required ;-)

Just commit to running at least once a week for 4 months with a group. In our case, we'd be a virtual group. We'd just run once a week on our own and the only constraint will be that the run is done sometime over a weekend, say, Friday, Saturday or Sunday. We'd do this starting this weekend and go through the end of July. The goal is simply consistency, running at least once over a weekend for 4 months and being held accountable to others for it :-)

Anyone interested in being a part of this campaign?

Jade Lady and me, ShirleyPerly, are in. If we can get at least 2-4 others to do it, we could shoot for a 100 miles per month group run goal, just as an extra incentive, which averages out to 4-6 miles per person. I'd be posting something here every Monday so we could report our group run mileage results to see if we made it. Of course, you are welcome to run more than 4-6 miles and more often than once over a weekend but just one will count as the group run.

For those who are injured right now and unable to run, I certainly don't expect you to participate but you are more than welcome to join us when you're able to!