Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Couple Quick Announcements

1. We've got another two VRR members: Akshaye and TinaGirl. Welcome to you both!

2. Registration fees for the Run with Donna 26.2 (aka National Breast Cancer Marathon) on February 9, 2009, go up after May 1. I know some of us were interested in running it so just wanted to remind folks if you haven't yet registered. I just signed up for the half yesterday!

Early entry: by 5/1/08 - $85
Entry between: 5/2/08-10/31/08 - $95
Entry between: 11/1/08-2/14/09 - $125

Half marathon
Early entry: by 5/1/08 – $60
Entry between: 5/2/08-10/31/08 - $75
Entry between: 11/1/08 - 2/14/09 - $95

Added: The Pink Bandanna Blog is where you can see who else is doing this race!


CewTwo said...

Welcome Akshaye and TinaGirl! What great additions to an already group!

CewTwo said...

Already Group? Already great group!!!

CewTwo said...

Geez... Am I the only one that comments? On the flip side of that coin, if I got my head together enough to do all of this at once...

What were the VRR totals for April? (That means I was too lazy to count them up myself...)

ShirleyPerly said...

I count 129.18 miles in April, easily making our goal for 100 miles/month. We have 9 people in VRR now, but not everyone is a marathoner, remember. Nevertheless, should we shoot for 130 miles in May?

Jim said...

I'm not the "new" guy anymore, that was quick :-) Welcome to the team. I think we can muster another .82 miles in May. We actually have 5 Saturdays, that will help too. Go for it!

Thanks for the reminder on the Breast Cancer Marathon. Don't forget to keep checking "The Pink Bandanna" blog.

Dirty Dancing Through LIFE said...

OHHH thank you for including me. Let me tell you that I am so going to miss those of you running the half marathon for Breast Cancer next February. I just cannot justify flying across the nation for a half and I won't be completely over my new found marathon wings after the CIM in December. I need to post my miles for this weekend...but I can't find my log book and I can't remember yesterday much less this last weekend.LOL its been one of those days.

Tina D. Mickelson

Jade Lady said...

130 miles - a piece of cake! Let's go for it!

Welcome TinaGirl (that my daughter's nickname :-) to the team! Akshaye - big marathoner - glad to have u onboard!

ShirleyPerly said...

OK, Jade Lady has seconded the idea of going 130 miles in May. So all that's left to do is ... TO DO IT!

BTW, TinaGirl has wrote a very nice post about VRR on her blog. Stop by and say 'hi' when you can!!

ShirleyPerly said...

WV Momma just posted her miles from last weekend so that makes 133.18 miles run in April!

How about we shoot for 130 and see if we get 150 ;-)

MarathonChris said...

I bet we make 150 :-)