Friday, August 24, 2007

Mojo a No Go

Petra is right. (And she's so darn cute too, isn't she?) Where's the mojo? I would give you all advice, but my mojo is a no go at this point. I'm shooting for some serious goal setting this week. Meanwhile, any advice from you veterans?


Petraruns said...

honey - I AM a veteran and where does that get me? I guess the answer could lie in readjusting your goals and keeping going? But nothing is really hitting the spot with me at the moment..

ShirleyPerly said...

Seemingly endless hot summer days definitely have a way of zapping mojo. Of the 30 ways I posted recently to keep running, here are my top 5 with a little more details:

1. Run some place new (and preferably cool) where many others are running too.
2. Break up your long runs, i.e., run 1/2 outdoors, 1/2 indoors.
3. Enter or help out at a short race nearby just to get out there and see others running.
4. Get a partner or join a running group. (note partner can be riding a bike or roller blading if he/she doesn't run)
5. Switch to doing some other vigorous form of XT to either maintain fitness or actually train. A lot amount of mental and cardio-vascular training can still occur if you simulate the intensity of your various running workouts via other means.

Don't give up!!!

Susan said...

I agree; Petra is soooo cute! :)

I am trying a semi-new path tomorrow for my longrun. I hope the new scenery will boost the mojo!

Kevin said...

Mo Jo will come back soon enough. I've decided just to enjoy the ride until it does!!

And I guess I need to say how damn cute Petra is too. Hell, I asked he to MARRY me once! ;-)