Friday, April 1, 2011

And now! Into April!

Have some fun with your exercise!

Leave your exercise and the distance in a comment!

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Great weekend.  Great people!  Thanks, everyone!


lizzie lee said...

20.25 miles for me today 4/2!!!

CewTwo said...

Wow, Lizzie, you are amazing!

I ran 8.25 with the wee beastie!

Gina Harris said...

12.19 for me this Sunday morning. Tapering for Salt Lake City Marathon in 2 weeks. Great job on the 20 Lizzie. Charlie, do I need to give you my 2011 racing info again or have you just not had time to post it?

ShirleyPerly said...

Great job, everyone!

Since I have no races on the horizon and am dealing with a major skin issue that is aggravated by heat & stress, I took this weekend off from working out. So a big fat goose egg for me but I needed it.

Mike said...

Great job all and good choice Shirley.

For me it was a taper week which is good as I think I am tired out, so 8 miles for me.

My reason to taper is that for me next weekend I need to run/walk somewhere between 20 and 50 miles as I pace my friends through a 100 mile event down in Pekin, IL. Should be (hope it will be) fun.

CewTwo said...

Gina? Could you send your events again? This guy seems to have lost them...

Plus, I really want to see how many miles, both in training and events you're going to do!

Gina Harris said...

Okey dokey, Charlie

22 Jan MLK Stride Toward Freedom 5k completed
6 March Lincoln City Half Marathon completed
16 April SLC Marathon
1 May Eugene Marathon
15 May Tualatin river 10 Miler
21 May Keizer Iris Festival 5k
22 may Keizer Iris Festival 10k
30 May ORRC Up the Lazy River 10k
16 July Run for the Arts 5k
22-23 Jul NW Passage Ragnar Relay
30 July Wildwood Trail Marathon
10 Sept Survive the Burn 10k
9 Oct Portland, OR Marathon
5 Nov Silver Falls Trail Half Marathon
4 Dec California International Marathon
6-8 Dec WDW marathon Weekend, 5k, Half Marathon and Full Marathon

Done, maybe. hahaha! I put in for the NYC Marathon Lottery, but my chances are about 5%. If I DO get in, I obviously won't do the Half on Nov 5.