Saturday, March 26, 2011

Running, Running, Running, MARCHing on!

Spring is definitely with us now!
I hope you all have a great weekend and great weather to go with it!
Leave your activity and your distance in a comment!

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What a group!

AND...  We beat the target again!  Is it the season?


lizzie lee said...

I see the numbers for last 3 weeks were deleted...

3/26 - 18.6 miles

have all a great week

ShirleyPerly said...

6.7 for me last weekend in a tri and 15.1 this weekend. Gearing up for Boston!

Gina Harris said...

20.02 killer miles for me today, 3-27. It's my last long run before my marathon in Salt Lake City. I didn't eat enough yesterday so I really bonked on this, BUT I finished. Have a great weekend.

CewTwo said...

Sorry about that! Posted an incorrect chart! Corrected for the start of the weekend. Will update this afternoon.

I ran 7.33 miles with my muscular (at least between the ears) dog in very nice weather.

CewTwo said...

Updated! (I think!)

Gina! I'm glad you made it through that run. My last marathon training involved one run where my nutrition and hydration was not up to par. I had a couple of days that were pure recovery after that! Take care!

Boston is coming up! I don't think that I am that interested in it, though...

Heck, I'm not even running the Boulder Bolder again this year. I have 2 friends that are, so I am their designated driver!

Mike said...

20 for me, although it wasn't a pretty sight and technically it was a 14 and 6 back to back on Sunday. I had to change shoes midway, caught the end of the VCU game and then headed back out.

Great job everyone.