Friday, March 18, 2011

Walking, Walking, Walking, MARCHing!

Another Spring weekend!
It snowed in Denver last night. 1". All gone by the time that I am writing this!
How's the weather there?

Leave your exercise and the distance in a comment!

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What a group!  What else can I say!


Mike said...

14 for me. The weather is definitely getting better. 40F today with rain, a few more days like this and all of our snow will be gone.

Gina Harris said...

8.22 for me, a "short" long run this week. I run 20 next week and then taper for the Salt Lake City Marathon. Nice job, Mike. We actually had pretty warm temps today. It was about 53 when I ran, cloudy, but not much rain.

ShirleyPerly said...

Fabulous weather in Central FL (lows 60, hi ~80). Ran 6.7 miles as part of an Olympic distance tri today. Course was supposed to be a 6.2 (10K) but oh well ...

lizzie lee said...

Shirley....Fabulous weather in the Pacific Northwest... low 40's... isn't this our year round temp?

3/5 - 13.1
3/12 - 6.2
3/20 - 13.1

CewTwo said...

7.35 miles in beautiful Weather. 50s here in Denver.

CewTwo said...

Sami motivated me during Saturday's run although in an indirect manner. The trail I ran requires a leashed pet. I hate to run with anything in my hands. I do wear my Amphipod belt so that I can carry water for both of us (as well some cash, a cell phone and to allow someone to sing in my ear). I put the belt through the handle loop of her leash and it worked great!
I have to say that we had a far better pace than usual, too.

Oh well! A problem solved!