Saturday, April 16, 2011

Where there is April, there's a way!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Leave your exercise and the distance in a comment!

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Way to go, Gina! It sounds like you had a most excellent (if somewhat tiring) weekend! Congratulations on a great race!

Mike! Isn'r that true?  I much prefer the 40s for a run then the 80s!

Shirley, with all that you have going on and you make time to exercise! 

What a great group!  Each and every one of you!


CewTwo said...

9.02 miles for me and my mountain lion sized puppy, Sami!

Gina Harris said...

26.27 for me at the Salt Lake City Marathon. Charlie, I PR'd by 14:46 minutes! 5:14:06, beating CIM's time of 5:28:52. Last year at the SLC Marathon it took me 5:50:17. I'm definitely happy. Now, we'll see how I do at the Eugene Marathon in 15 days. hahaha!

Mike said...

8 miles for, congrats Gina.

Last weekend ran in 80F, this weekend 40F. Gotta luv spring.

ShirleyPerly said...

CONGRATS Gina! And Good Luck in Eugene. You may be surprised how well you do.

As for me, no running but I rode my bike 31 fun miles this weekend!

lizzie lee said...

Mike.... I love 40's all year round!!!!

4/10 - 11 miles
4/16 - 14.1 miles