Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Weekend!

Have fun and celebrate in your own way!

If you exercise, leave the type and distance in a comment!

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Thanks everyone! Have I ever stated that all of you are so very impressive?

Well...  You are!


lizzie lee said...

4/10 - 11 miles
4/16 - 14.1 miles
4/23 - 17 miles


ShirleyPerly said...

31 mile bike ride today, my last ride in Florida. Happy Easter Everyone!!

Gina Harris said...

Happy Easter everyone! I ran 6.18 miles this morning, 8 days from the Salt Lake City Marathon and 7 days UNTIL the Eugene Marathon. It was a great run!

Mike said...

7 miles for me, chose to not run my 50k and instead will be heading back to the Dr to take a look at my ankle.

Charlie - my race schedule will be changing, how much depends on the diagnosis. So I will update that once I know.

Nothing serious just recurring pain that makes the longer runs less fun.

Good luck Gina, enjoy yourself.

Happy Easter all.

Mighty Mite said...

14.78 miles on Saturday for my part of the 50K Sunsweet Wildflower Tehema trail race. It was AMAZING! I can't wait to do more.

CewTwo said...

I ran 10.2 miles on Saturday morning, then took off for a couple daus of vacation. Went to Picket wire Canyon in Southeast Colorado to hike to the largest dinosaur track (of footprints - 1,300) in the Northern hemisphere. Total amoutn of the hike Sunday morning was 12+ miles.

CewTwo said...

Not a problem, Mike! I do hope that it is minor!

Lizzie, my dear friend, I finally caught up the schedule!

Gina, you are amazing!

John is going to run his first marathon this weekend! The BMO Vancouver!