Friday, March 26, 2010

March Hare? Hare Today and Run Tomorrow!

Have a good walk/run!
Leave the distance in a comment!
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Shirley! I am so glad you are up and about! Walking is a good thing!

Another 50, Mike! What a guy! I did update the event schedule.

Chris! I'm never sure what to do or what range to use in an off season! Sems like you have it pegged!

Lizzie! It gets hot here, too! I'm sure both of us will be ready for the marathon run in June!

What a group!


CewTwo said...

12.12 miles at a 9:06 pace for me!

ShirleyPerly said...

Nice pace, Charlie!

I already know I'll not be running any this weekend. Still recovering from the ankle injury but it's improved considerably already. I can now walk pretty well -- YAY!

Mike said...

26 for me, keep recovering Shirley you will back in no time. Well done Charlie.

Can you update my upcoming race from Chippewa 50k to McNaughton 50 (same day). Some friends convinced me this would be a good idea, I will be slow but it should be fun.

lizzie lee said...

Charlie... MAN YOU ARE FAST!!! Shirley get well and THANKS AGAIN for your wonderful advices.

18.65 miles for me... !!!

MarathonChris said...

Way to go with your time, Charlie!!! Shirley - hope that ankle recovers soon! Mike - you sure can pile on the miles.

Lizzie!!!! Way to go with over 18 miles :-) It hurts just thinking about that distance for me.

Put me down for 8.3. Since I am not training for anything right now I am taking it easy - taking a break to do other things and working to keep the weekly miles around 20 - 25 miles to have a good base when I start real training again.

Gina Harris said...

I ran 13.15 on Saturday, March 27. Sorry, I just remembered to post it. At least it's in the correct week. :)

Awesome job, everyone! Shirley, glad to hear your ankle is getting better.