Friday, March 19, 2010

Like a March Hare - Run!

It was almost 70 degrees on Thursday here. Friday morning it did not make it above freezing and we were blessed with more snow!
But, no matter what the weather... Have a great run/walk/swim/bike!

Leave the mileage in a comment! Have a great weekend!
- - - - -
Always something! What an amazing group!

Gina is so exuberant, she runs extra!

Shirley did something to her ankle (better in a race rather than just before).

Everybody else! Great weekend! Thanks!


Gina Harris said...

I ran 19 miles on Friday, the 19th! I ran in Salt Lake City since I'm visiting my son and his family. This is where my marathon will be next month. I find it easier to run here than in Salem. Not sure why. The run was supposed to be 17 miles but I took a wrong turn and ended up running 2 extra miles. :)

CewTwo said...

I finished my first LSR for this training period. I ran 11.11 miles.

Tammy said...

What an incredible week and weekend here!... Finally spring came to the Northeast... 3.12 once on Friday once on Sat..finally trying to be a bit more persistant with running.

Mike said...

21 miles for me, I was able to run on dirt trails (and mud :-) since the snow is almost completely gone. What a delight.

ShirleyPerly said...

Excellent job, everyone!

I ran 12 miles today as part of a half iron. Unfortunately, I sprained my ankle (again) and will be off running for a bit :-(

lizzie lee said...

Shirley I am sorry!!! please take care...

Charlie, I am registering soon in R&R

I did a 13.1 today in an UBER brutal course.

MarathonChris said...

8.24 miles for me this morning - looking forward to a few runs here in Monterey this week!

Shirley, sorry to hear about the ankle - heal up soon!

Congrats on your 13.1 today, Lizzie!