Thursday, March 11, 2010

March RUNness!

I wanted to be prepared for this weekend!
Here it is! Now, go, walk, run!
(Then leave it in a comment!)

That 6.2 mile distance is a new one for both Marathon Chris and ShirleyPerly! AND... Isn't it fun to get a new PR? Congratulations!


lizzie lee said...

13.1 on Fri 03/05

MarathonChris said...

10K PR on Saturday! 6.2 race miles for me (although my silly Garmin says I ran 6.39!).

ShirleyPerly said...

First 10K and a PR for me too on Saturday! My Garmin says 6.27 mi, though.

Gina Harris said...

Nice job, Chris & Shirley! PR!!!

I ran 14.08 miles this morning, 3-13. Also, for 2010 events, please take off the Iris Fest 5k on May 22 as I will be in Kentucky that week. Too far to commute. haha!

Have a good one.

CewTwo said...

I ran 7.12 miles Saturday!

lizzie lee said...

14.4 on Sat 13... Shirley and Chris, congrats again

Mike said...

18 for me, we had a record day with the temp hitting 64 degrees and it was a sunny day too, yea.

Congrats Shirley and Chris for your PR's and to everyone else for getting in your runs.