Friday, September 12, 2008

VRR - September 12, 13 & 14

What a first week of a month! Some of you must be in training!

Wait! Is it September 12th? Why I just happen to have a marathon coming up! October 12th in Chicago! Me, some of the people on here and about 44,997 other runners!!

Listen... If you are in training for an event, let the rest of us know where and when! We'd all like to encourage you to your best event yet!

Don't forget to leave your miles after your run!

Good luck and even better, Good training and skill development!

AND... How does everyone taper down to an event?


CewTwo said...

12.17 miles for me today! It was wonderful fall back week!

ShirleyPerly said...

No falling back for me! 21.5 miles today.

I don't do a standard taper since I also do tris and marathons fairly often. To avoid confusing anyone, I'll keep my craziness to myself :-)

Jim said...

"On the Road Again", good title for a song :-)

I did 10 miles Saturday. Ankle problem was not an issue.

My marathon is the same day as Chicago but I will be in Albany, NY doing the Mohawk-Hudson Marathon. Entries are limited to 650, so no large crowd for me this year. Shirley ran this marathon several years ago.

For the Chicago runners a dining suggestion, "Trattoria Roma", 1535 N. Wells. Excellent Italian food. You also run right by it during the marathon. Check out their website:

MarathonChris said...

19.14 miles for me today - my first really big run leading up to the San Antonio marathon on November 16th. I have two more 20+ milers before the big taper.

Then a couple weeks recovery, build up, then the Disney Goofy!!! Lots of miles between now and then!

Maddy said...

Step back week for me and I cut it short because I am still experiencing some discomfort with the groin strain. 8.9 miles for me today.

Thanks for the restaurant suggestion Jim! I am going to check it out!

Susan said...

Only 4 for me... skipped my 10-miler due to a tiny bit of sore abs!

Taper: oh the days! I focus on keeping myself busy with other things that have possibly lacked attention due to heavy training.

Tammy said...

Although I can't put any miles in until end of october now, I think everyone is doing a great job on the training. I'm so sorry I joined and I'm at a stand still until my surgery date in October, but I can at least be a cheer leader until than :D.

ShirleyPerly said...

Tammy, We are happy to have you whether or not you can run right now. Best of luck with your upcoming surgery. Please keep us posted on how you are doing.

TinaGirl said...

Sorry I was gone this weekend. Didn't get home til late last night. Please put me down for an AMAZING and fun 13.1 miles. My Sunday ROCKED! I ran with two new girls who love to run too... (and they are my pace!)

CewTwo said...

Tammy! Take care of yourself! It is a good thing that you found out that something needed to be corrected! We'll look forward to active participation from you in the future!

Until then, we'll keep a place ready for you!