Saturday, September 27, 2008

VRR - Runs for this Weekend!

What can I say? You are amazing people! What a massive amount of miles.

Lets see what we can finish the month of September with.

I'm scheduled for 12 miles, but I expect to do 13.1 (half of what I will run on October 12th at Chicago).

Take a moment this week and let us know what your next event is and when you'll be running it!

Oh yeah! Report those miles run, too!

Have a run weekend! Umm... Err... Fun weekend!


CewTwo said...

Two weeks to the Chicago Marathon! I was scheduled for 12 but decided to run for a full half.

I ran 13.16 miles.

TinaGirl said...

I'm so excited. Next weekend is the Sacramento Cowtown half marathon! I'm particualry excited for this one because it benifits the Leukemia and Lymphoma society and I wanted to run it in honor or my Uncle James who passed away 2 years ago and my Aunt Sandy who took such wonderful care of him, then of me so I could walk in TWO Breast cancer walks this year.

I have a 20 mile race Nov 9th and the Calif. International Marathon is December7th.

lizzie lee said...

Please, I want to join the group...

MarathonChris said...

Put me down for 18.17 miles! Training is picking up for the San Antonio Marathon I am running on November 16th - so I have more built to go :-)

Ran a 15K race on Saturday that felt great.

It is a good day to run!

Jade Lady said...

Good luck Tina Girl on your half!

Put me down for 3 miles. Slow but it was 3 miles on the treadmill.

So far, nada on my schedule. That's my problem right now - I'm lackin' some goals!

Got to start ramping up for something...

Jim said...

Taper time, I did 6.5 on Saturday.

I am ready for the Mohawk-Hudson Marathon in Albany, NY, Sunday, October 12th. Popular day!

Good luck everyone!

ShirleyPerly said...

Well, after a week and a half of no running, I ran 26.2 today in 4:08:25. Very happy with that given the recent hammy issues and the marathon next weekend. Race report to be posted soon!

Petraruns said...

And I did 12 on Sunday - tired but I had to do it for Lizzie Lee ;)

CewTwo said...

I seem to say, "Wow" so much around here! But there is a real reson for it! Like the little neighborhood kid said at the end of 'The Incredibles (A disney/Pixar Cartoon)," "That was Amazing!"

And you know? It is! What a group! 200 miles over our goal! And not everyone has reported in as of yet!


... oh and, "Wow!"

Susan said...

Zero for me. Sorry! Foot issues here.

Gordon said...

I am running:

Gamecock Gallop 5K on Oct 25

Chief Ladiga Trail half-marathon on Dec 1

Disney marathon on Jan 11

TinaGirl said...

hmm... my last two weeks totals disappeard. Ok here they are. Sept. 21st I ran 14.68 and September 28th I ran 16.1 miles. phewww.... I logged an amazing (for me) 130 miles last month. I can't believe it.

Sunday is Cowtown Half Marathon! I can't wait.