Saturday, August 9, 2008

VRR - Weekend of August 8th

Wow! What a start to a month! Some fairly sterling performances this last week! Jim ran 18 miles! Maddy ran 17 miles! Everyone seems to be ramping it up! Congratulations!

It seems like everybody is training for something! (hehehe)

I know that I am running 13.1 tomorrow in the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains! What will the rest of you be doing?

Well, thanks for all the miles! I know that you guys really inspire me!


MarathonChris said...

Another good week....put me down for 14 miles!

At this rate we might make our goal before the last weekend!

Jim said...

A split training weekend so the mileage was down to 8.0 on Saturday.

Had to drive 30 miles to find some hills in Clermont, Fl., did another 7.5 on Sunday.

Everyone is putting up some great numbers, congratulations!

Jade Lady said...

6 different miles for me today. I finally changed my route and went through some neighborhoods. Hope everyone has a great week!

Susan said...

3.1 for me.

ShirleyPerly said...

Had a great interval workout on Saturday and a race pace workout on Sunday but both were on the bike!

Sorry no miles running for me :-(

Maddy said...

I had a goose egg for the weekend too. It was a step back week, and because of my daughter's birthday slumber party, the running just never happened. Boo!

Susan said...

I ran 3.1, not 6!!! :)

Susan said...

Oops, sorry, I looked in the wrong spot. Leave it as-is!

CewTwo said...

I ended up running 13.24 Saturday!

I was a back of the packer at my race!