Friday, August 1, 2008

VRR August!

So! What does everyone think that our target for August should be? I averaged the previous months to get 375 miles for August. We can change that very easily to go DOWN -or- UP! What do you think?

Some of us are headed for Chicago in October. It's a matter of a little run. I know that my miles are ramping up.

Remember to report those miles that your are running. Let's make this virtual group count! Check the previous VRR post to see how we ended up! Congratulations, everyone! We did it!

Here we go again!


Susan said...

6 miles for me for this weekend!

Jim said...

Since August is a five weekend month, I'm for raising the total, 375 sounds good! I too have a marathon on Octber 12th, not quite a big as Chicago, but just the same distance :-)

I ran 18 miles this morning.

CewTwo said...

I ran 14.9 miles yesterday morning. Phew! Sure was tired! I ran the Highline Canal in reverse and found out that water does flow downhill. It was a minor uphill but it seemed it was uphill all the way!

MarathonChris said...

I think a higher average is fine...everyone is ramping up their miles.

Put me down for 12.1 miles this weekend :-)

Jade Lady said...

Put me down for 6...again...
Today is supposed to be the hottest day yet this summer - 103 degrees!

And manana's forecast is 105 degrees!

Ain't summer great!

Maddy said...

Five weekends in August? I hadn't looked that far in advance. Awesome! I think 375 is totally do-able!

I ran 17 miles today.

ShirleyPerly said...

I ran 5 on Friday but at a more normal easy pace than last week, which was super slow. The hammy seems to be improving!

I think 350 is doable and maybe 375 too in August.

Petraruns said...

15 on the dot this Sunday. Count me in!