Tuesday, July 1, 2008

VRR Update - June 2008

We are so close for June. With almost everyone reporting, we are less than 20 miles from our goal!

We need to think of July and what goals we should set for this month.

Let's get some ideas going for the month of July!


CewTwo said...

My Chicago Marathon (am I really doing this?) training schedule shows that I am supposed to run 46 miles on long runs this month of July (11, 12, 9, 14).
So I can contribute almost 50 miles to the mix. Last weekend, I was supposed to run 6 and ran 8, but I was hoping for more. I guess that sometimes my hopes exceed my circumstances.

I suggest everyone look at their indivdual training goals and let us know so we can garner a motivating goal for the month.

BTW... I am going camping over the 4th of July. I am looking forward to runs in the high country and viewing through telescopes at night! Should be a lot of fun!

ShirleyPerly said...

Even if we didn't quite make it in June, I still think that 300 is a good goal for us. With a new person (Welcome Sandy!), longer runs for those training for marathons and one less zero or so, I think we will make it!!

akshaye said...

Yep..I agree. Its again a four weekend month so 300 seems reasonable

kassy said...

i want to join! :)

CewTwo said...

Welcome, Kassy!

I'll ad you to the July Roster!

MarathonChris said...

I actually managed 3.2 miles before I took off for vacation on Friday...so you can add a couple more then.