Thursday, July 3, 2008

VRR - Starting July with a Bang!

Welcome Sally and Kassy! Great start to a new month!

300 miles is our goal! Of course these things are easily changed!

Remember that if you celebrate too much on the 4th, you can always enjoy a nice long run to get it all together!

Have a good run everyone!


Jim said...

I did the double this weekend, the 5K with Shirley on July 4th and an 8 mile training run on Saturday. So log me in for 8 miles.

Next weekend I will be doing the Boilermaker 15K in Utica, NY.

It was great to run with Shirley and I saw Maddy after the race.

Hope everyone enjoyed the holiday weekend.

CewTwo said...

I ran a downhill 6.62 miles Sunday. I love to run those mountain roads and trails!

Dirty Dancing Through LIFE said...

Since 4th was a holiday can we log thursday this week? Just kidding. Put me down for 4.6 miles on Saturday morning. Hope everyone had a fun and safe Independence Day! Next week will be an amazing 26.2 miles for Saturday for my FIRST Breast Cancer walk of the year. Got another one in September. The only thing better than walking a marathon in SF would be running one! Its on my list of life achievements though.

Maddy said...

I had quite the running weekend! The Watermelon 5K on Friday (Saw Running Geezer, missed Shirley). I ran six miles on Saturday and Sunday, I ran 13, which I will count toward VRR this week!

Have a great week everyone and good luck to Dirty Dancing Through Life and Shirley with their Marathons next weekend!

We are going to have a lot of miles just from them!

ShirleyPerly said...

Only 4 miles for me this weekend (Friday) but 3.1 were part of a fun 5K!

As Maddy mentioned, will be running a lot more next weekend. Hope everyone had a great 4th!!

akshaye said...

5 miles for me on Sunday.

Jade Lady said...

Back to my 6 miler for me! What a nice long weekend it was! Especially since mine just ended today (monday).

Back to to love reality!

Susan said...

I did 2.5 miles over the 4th weekend.