Sunday, June 15, 2008

Let's Run for the Fallen

If any of you listened to Phedip 142, you will know about this run called Run for the Fallen. A team of runners are running 1 mile for every soldier lost during Operation Iraqi Freedom (I believe they may be using the count of Americans lost).

They started their run yesterday (Flag Day here in the US) and will end the run in Arlington Cemetery after running over 4000 miles. They invite everyone to run a mile on August 24th to support the effort.

Just for fun, I started a Challenge on RunnersPlus to see if we can get enough runners to virtually run the 4000+ miles between now and August 24th. If you want to participate, sign up!!! And as I recently discovered, you don't need a Nike+ system to participate. Create an account and just manually log your miles.


ShirleyPerly said...

Great idea, Chris! I didn't see your challenge listed under the Active Challenges list, though. Where can I find it?

Also, I encourage you to submit your idea for the Bar's Challenge #2. It certainly qualifies and there are only 2 people signed up so far!

Jade Lady said...

I'm signed up! I just wish I didn't have to enter my data in buckeye and then at runnersplus. I don't have hat nike-ipod mileage counter. if anyone knows how to get around dual entry, let me know!

MarathonChris said...

Jade lady - I have to do the same thing. Now I have 4 different logs - the Garmin Training Center (no effort there), my spreadsheet, Buckeyeoutdoors and now RunnersPlus.

CewTwo said...

I signed up! Thanks, Marathon Chris! The fallen have honored us with their service.

If you use Garmin, try out Sporttracks software (freeware). It does so much, I don't use the Garmin software at all any more!

akshaye said...

Great idea Chris! I'll sign up for this.

Jim said...

I'm not sure how this will work, but our training program of 600 runners should be able to put something together for Sunday, August 24th.