Friday, May 6, 2011

May We Start This Up Again?

I have a half-marathon on the 15th of this month!
I have a friend running his first Duathlon tomorrow morning.  (Called the Barking Dog Du(athlon)... - Barking Dog Du?)

Leave your exercise and the distance in a comment!

Hope everyone had fun!


Mike said...

12 miles of biking plus 3 miles of walking at the Race for the Cure. Somewhere near 55,000 folks, way to many people for me but a cause worth supporting.

lizzie lee said...

May 8: 13.1 miles!

ShirleyPerly said...

Ran 8 miles on Friday but let's count 28 miles on my bike yesterday, which was lots more fun!

CewTwo said...

Nice weekend with warm weather.
A friend of mine ran his first duathlon The BARKING DOG DUathlon - get it?), so I drove him. I had my last 12 miler prior to my 10th half this coming weekend. Where to run? In order not to disturb the vent, I ran the Smoky Hill parking lot. I only ran 8 some miles, though, as a left leg ham string started to bark as loud as the dogs!