Friday, January 7, 2011



I hate running in lane eight. It makes me feel like such an outsider.
(Sorry...  Just can't help it!)

Leave your exercise and the distance in a comment!
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What another great weekend!

Disney sure sounds like a lot of fun!  (Both before, during, and after any runs!)

Congratulations to every that ran this weekend.


MarathonChris said...

13.1 magical miles at Disney for me.

Mike said...

10.5 for me, a nice crisp MN morning, started at 4F and it got up to 5F, we were able to take in some of our nice trails around lakes and along the river.

Well done Chris, hope it was fun.

ShirleyPerly said...

Congrats Chris on your half marathon! And Mike, so good to hear you are back to running long. I ran 15 today in nice warm Hawaii.

CewTwo said...

For me? 6.46 miles on the ol' treadmill!

Gina Harris said...

I'm behind again. lol I ran a total of 39.3 miles this weekend, 13.1 on Saturday and 26.2 on Sunday! I finished the Goofy Challenge strong and have just spent 2 days walking around WDW, a little sore, but really not bad at all. I'm amazed! I still have a week here so I'd better stay strong. I'm doing a happy dance for sure!

MarathonChris said...

Nice job on Goofy Gina! Hope you have enjoyed the warmer weather - the chill is about to begin. At least it isn't snowing or icing!

MarathonChris said...

BTW - we need to update the stuff on the left side of the page with our 2011 schedules!