Friday, July 2, 2010

What a Blast! Have Some Safe Fun!


While you're at it, do a run!

Leave us a comment!

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What a weekend!

Some bruises, some pains, some great runs!

That is how it goes sometimes!

Good luck everybody! Get better, get healthy!


Mike said...

15.6 for me, my 50k turned into a 25k so a DNF.

My second DNF at this race, a tough course to run through an injury but an absolutely great race which you should all do if you are ever in MN over the 4th. My injury is minor, just a sore back probably caused by not stretching, shoes, too much pavement.

Have a great fourth of July.

Gina Harris said...

6.2 for me, I went ahead and ran the Stayton Old Time Runs 10k. Of course, now my Achilles is yelling at me big time. I guess I'll not run for a while. :(

ShirleyPerly said...

Well, Mike & Gina did much better than I. I took a spill on my bike yesterday and got a painful bruise on my left knee. No running for me this weekend.

Happy 4th everyone!!

MarathonChris said...

Sorry to hear about your bike injury, Shirley. Hopefully your knee will come back soon.

I was sick late last week but still squeezed in a short 4 miler yesterday - it was a "clear your head, take it easy in the heat" run at around 10 am. Good run!

So I am in for 4 miles.

Susan said...

I did 20 TODAY because I was under the weather on Saturday. Can I get permission to have this count, just this once?