Monday, July 19, 2010

July! (And a forgetful Charlie)

How was your weekend?

Leave your distance in a comment!


CewTwo said...

Hey! I forgot to post to the site!

Sorry everyone!

I ran 6.26 miles on Saturday morning!

I start training for the Denver RnR half on Monday of next week!

ShirleyPerly said...

No problem, Charlie! I forgot to run!!

(Actually I was on a plane Fri & Sat and just too tired on Sunday after my bike ride)

Mike said...

No problem Charlie, I forgot about posting my run. I ran 9 on Sunday but participated in my annual triathlon on Saturday.

It is my type of tri, run a 5k first, then swim (float through) a 1/2 mile and bike 10 miles. I like to tell folks that it is an invitation only event (we know the family who puts it on) and I finished again as the first master, (helped by the fact that they don't track it and everyone else is younger and there are only 31 of us).

Susan said...

7.35 for me.

Gina Harris said...

I didn't run again last weekend, but biked and will do so again this weekend, but the doctor gave me permission to start running again on Monday! Yippee!