Monday, May 26, 2008

VRR Runs Weekend of 5/23-25

Happy Memorial Day, Everyone!!!

As TinaGirl mentioned, we need to set some new goals for ourselves. We've already racked up a whopping 203.43 miles in May and there's still two weekends yet to be counted.

Let us know what you ran this last weekend and feel free to post any suggestions on what our goal should be in June. Note, however, that June will have only 4 weekends whereas May has 5.

Also, my new Endurance Sports Bar is now open. Please check it out!


Maddy said...

My longest run this weekend was 8 miles on Saturday. Again I hit the "Tavares Trail" and it was a good run. Although there wasn't cloud cover like last weekend.

It was hot!

MarathonChris said...

Another 10 miler for me (10.06 to be precise). I knocked over 2 minutes off last week's time.

I am planning to keep up 10 mile long runs on the weekend until my marathon training officially begins in July. I have a vacation in late June early July which will probably disrupt my weekend running. If we don't count June 1 (next weekend is split between months) then I should have at least 30 miles for June weekends (maybe more if Fri can count).

I think we can make 200 miles easy in June. If vacation doesn't disrupt, then 250.

ShirleyPerly said...

I ran 5 miles after a 37 mile bike ride on Sunday. My running mileage on weekends varies a lot depending on whether I've got a race or not. Next weekend it will should be 26.2!

Jim said...

This is my fourth consecutive week to submit 10 miles. I will mix it up a bit once I start my marathon training on June 7th.

I say we set our goal at 200 miles per month. Most of the upcoming months have four weekends.

I had to replace my computer so I've fallen behind on my blog and checking in with everyone else. "I'll be back!"

akshaye said...

I did 6 miles. I've been doing some serious unwinding this weekend and I think the beer slowed me down!

I would definitely say 200 for 4 weekends. I need to pick up my slack now!

CewTwo said...

I ran 10.24 miles Sunday morning.

I typically run 30 miles a week.

My official "Chicago Marathon" training will begin the week of June 8th.

Even if my training schedule starts with less, I will maintain my 30 mile mark per week. Son to be increased, I'm sure.

Word of advice? Sunscreen!

Jade Lady said...

9.7 miles again for me on the treadmill. Wow, 200 miles - WE ROCK!

Been looking forward to EnduranceSportsBar opening!

Anonymous said...

Well, I blew everyone's doors off with a whopping 4 miles on Saturday :) I must be the lowest mileage runner in the group. Actually, I love to see everyone's high mileage, it's very motivating. B/c of you folks, I've started doing 4 or 5 miles each run! It feels great. Have officially b/c a morning runner, b/c of my schedule, the heat, and it seems easier on my body. Hit the road at 6 a.m. this morning and listened to the neighbor's rooster and the woodpeckers in the trees. Have always been an afternoon/evening runner, from the days of track practice after junior high and high school. Does this also have to do with age? I'm in my late 30's. LMK your experience - i welcome all your feedback!
WV Momma

Anonymous said...

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ShirleyPerly said...

WV Momma -- I used to be someone who worked out either at lunch time or evenings until I moved to FL. I just wasn't a morning person period when it came to exercise. But the FL summers are so hot that I seem to have only two choices: workout outside in the mornings or workout indoors.

PS-Great that you're motivated to run more. I too am finding the same thing since I don't feel like running much after a weekend bike ride. But I need to be doing so for tris and so it's a good thing!

ShirleyPerly said...

63 miles this weekend, BTW. That makes 266.43 so far in May.