Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Courage in the Face of Defeat

I just came across an incredible marathon story & video that I had to pass on. It's about Kayoko Fukushi, the fastest Japanese half marathoner in history, making her marathon debut last weekend. She made some costly newbie mistakes that led to a disastrous finish (fell 3 times during her final lap). Check it out:

The full article talks about what happened. Not quite as tragic as Julie Moss' crawl to the Ironman finish back in 1982 but inspiring nevertheless.

Thanks to Nancy for posting this on her blog.


Susan said...

Man oh man is Kayoko skinny!

Funny - it looked like she was going awfully slow. I guess that must mean I look like a snail. HA!

ShirleyPerly said...

Her pace the last 300m, including 2 falls, was 7:50 km/hr or a 12:20 mile/hr pace. All of the elite marathoners (Paula, Deena, etc) are rail thin compared to the rest of us.

Christine said...

If that girl had blonde hair I woulda thought it was a video of me in my last 3 miles of my race yesterday. haha. Didn't actually fall...but wouldnt be surprised if I did and just didnt remember falling from hitting my head or something. LOL

Anonymous said...

Man, that hurt to watch! Reminded me of Hiroyuki Ono, in the Hakone Ekiden a month or two ago.