Sunday, February 27, 2011

February - Can Anyone See Spring Yet?

Friday? Snow! Saturday? Beautiful weather for an outside run!

Maybe...  Just maybe, Spring will be here!

Have a great exercise session! Leave what you do and the distance in a comment!

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What a group!

Updated on Monday, March 7, 2011.


CewTwo said...

Ran 6.72 miles on a Saturday morning with beautiful weather! Then I realized that if I ran another 1.28 miles I would have 100 mile for the month of February! So... Back to it!

ShirleyPerly said...

Awesome on the 100 miles in Feb, Charlie!

I am still in recovery mode so no running over the weekend but I did bike 30 miles on Sunday.

Mike said...

Way to go Charlie, I always like to see others do things to hit a number.

For me, just 13 miles.

I had planned to do another 3 but when we got back to our cars to refuel, we found that they had been broken into. A bit of a bummer with the broken windows and we lost cell phones but nothing else. Mine only cost me $5 from ebay (and I have a replacement) so I think we were lucky.

Gina Harris said...

15.26 miles for me in the wind today. 24 mph! What fun! NOT! I like your comment, Mike - ONLY 13 miles!

CewTwo said...

Fun? Are we having fun?
Gina runs in 24 MPH winds?
Mike gets his car broken into...

Car break-ins were common at some of the trailheads here in Colorado for a while. They were eventually caught by runner clubs volunteering to monitor the locations. No contact, just needed to call the local police. Everyone worked together and that group of 4 were caught!

lizzie lee said...

Feb 12: 2 miles
Feb 20: 13.1 miles
Feb 27: 15 miles

lizzie lee said...

Hey, thanks for the 12 on the 12, but I only ran 2 miles. You probably thought, Oh.... Lizzie has a missing number!!! I ran a 3K, that's all I did.!