Friday, October 8, 2010


Rock on in October!

I have a 10K this weekend and a half next weekend!  What are YOU doing?

It is also the World Wide Festival of Races this weekend!

Sign up and run a virtual with me!  Gina and I are already.


Gina Harris said...

I ran the Domestic Violence Awareness 10k this morning, 6.21 miles.

Charlie, could you add this plus the following 2 races to my schedule?

Inaugural Silver Falls Trail Half Marathon 11-6-10

Capitol Mile 1 mile race 1-1-11


ShirleyPerly said...

26.2 for me today at the Hartford Marathon!

Mike said...

6 miles for me, calf is getting better, ankle is not, patience might be required which I lack.

Congrats Shirley only 2 states to go, way to go.

Gina congrats as well.

ShirleyPerly said...

Mike, sorry to hear the ankle is not much better. I think all of us here can probably say patience is not our forte when it comes to running injuries!

Susan said...

26.2 for me!!!! Chicago Marathon.

lizzie lee said...

13.1 for me.... AND SUSAN... CONGRATS AGAIN..You have shown discipline, perseverance, and courage.!!!!!