Friday, October 15, 2010

Half(-marathon) Way Through October Already?

I know that I have a Half-Marathon to run this weekend!  Then the current training season comes to an end.  I think I'm ready for some fun junk miles!

What are you doing?  Recuperating? Competing? Completing?

Leave the activity and the distance in a comment!
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I'll say it again!  What a group we have here!


Gina Harris said...

I ran 13.05 miles this morning, almost my own half marathon. :) I hope everyone's runs/races went well.

CewTwo said...

13.34 miles for me!
The Denver RnR Inaugural Half was a blast!
Cool morning for the start, but became beautiful running weather...

ShirleyPerly said...

26.2 for me at the Green Mountain Marathon in VT. Great job on your half marys, Gina & Charlie!

Mike said...

Great job all of you, Shirley that must mean you are down to 1. Congrats!!!!!

For me 8 miles, not pain free but a huge improvement.

ShirleyPerly said...

Yes, just one more state left! Marshall Marathon in WV on 11/7.

Glad to hear you are improving, Mike.

CewTwo said...

Wow, Shirley!
What an achievement!
I know that after Chicago 2008 I would have given up were it not for your sage advice!

MarathonChris said...

Goose egg for me this past weekend. Up in PA visiting with my mom. I did give her my MCM medal since I ran the race for running was on my mind!

Great runs for the rest of you!

lizzie lee said...

Congrats to all for your runs and races...Special congrats to Shirley as she only has one left to be a 50-stater!!!!

20 miles for me on 10/17... tapering begins..