Sunday, November 22, 2009

Let the Thanks Begin!

This should be a great weekend. Sorry this post is later than usual!

Have a wonderful holiday!

Leave your miles in a message!
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And it sounds like it was a great weekend! Check out Tinagirl's blog, though... It sounds like there is a story there!


CewTwo said...

Earlier Gina said, "Gina Harris left a new comment on your post:

VERY small run today, 2.64 miles; better than nothing, I guess. :)"
Thanks, Gina! Sorry I was late in updating!

I ran 12.25 today. 14 days to the Vegas RnR Half!

ShirleyPerly said...

11 mi for me on Friday. Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Jim said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

I ran 10 miles today, Saturday.

I'm running a 10 mile race on Thanksgiving, so I won't feel guilty eating all that turkey!

Mike said...

Another 12 for me, a beautiful day in the Twin Cities, of course any day this time of year that I can run in shorts (without freezing) is a great day.

TinaGirl said...

Yeah! for Turkey day! Hope you all have a good Thanksgiving. I know I have so much to be thankful for including my Virtual run group buddies and your support!
Ok so my first weekend in November was 22 miles, second weekend was 18miles and this weekend was 16 miles. could you put those in please? Thank you!!!

MarathonChris said...

13 for me today! :-)

Maddy said...

I ran the Ragnar Relay this weekend. My longest leg was 8.8 miles (20 total).

lizzie lee said...

3.12 for me, Happy Thanksgiving to ALL!!!!!!!

Chad said...

12.5 miles for me (20 k.) yesterday. Didnt stretch well enough though, kind of as an experiment because I usually do and wondered how I would feel if I didnt. Ouch. I am mostly sore in my hips!

Susan said...

I did 12 on 11/22.