Friday, January 2, 2009

A Runner's Round Table Invite!!!!

First of all, congratulations for the successful training that many of you have achieved in preparation for the Disney Half-Marathon, Full Marathon or the Goofy Challenge (which is both)!

It is but a week away. I wish you all success and new PR's!

You have experienced an amazing thing. Other people would like to hear of your experience. Are you willing to share some of that in a Runner's Round Table discussion?

I have heard from Drusy. Drusy is a member of the Runner's Round Table. She has extended an invitation to those of this group that are going to run at Disney to Join a live session of the Runner's Round Table on January 14th @ 4:00 PM EST.

Please read Drusy's invitation -
"I'd like to invite your crew who are running Disney to call in to the Runners Round Table on Jan 14th at 4pm EST, so we can find out how it went.

Your 15 Dec entry said the runners were:
MarathonChris and husband - running Half and Full marathons (Goofy Challenge)
Maddy - running Half and Full marathons (Goofy Challenge)
Rachel - running marathon
Gordon - running marathon
NyLisa - running marathon
MarathonGirl - running Half and Full marathons (Goofy Challenge)
Jim - Volunteering at Mile 24 of the Disney Marathon!

I know that Gordon can make it, and Maddy said she could too. MarathonChris may be stuck at work. It would really help me if Rachel, NYLisa and MarathonGirl can let me know if they can join the Talkshoe call.

Would everyone able to join please send me a short bio so we can introduce people properly (blog, podcast, charity, email etc) and their running experience and expectation for the race(s!).

And let us know what they'd like to talk about, so that we can flounder around a bit less asking questions.

Jason from the PDIP google group might be able to call in, so it could be a full house, in which case we'll keep our intro chatter to a minimum and get right to talking to you guys.

Please email info to me-, and I'll send back detail instructions about TalkShoe, if you've not used it before.

Thanks and Good Luck! Drusy "

Please, if you can, set this up and call in. It is a great experience. AND... Make sure that you mention our little running group while you are there (I will be counting as I listen in the Chat Room!)!

After all, What's a Few Miles Among Friends?

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nylisa said...

I will add this to my calendar!