Friday, November 14, 2008

Here Is The Skinny!

2 marathon events were completed this past weekend! Shirly Perly and Marathon Chris completed marathons last weekend. Shirley ran the Route 66 Marathon in Tulsa, OK. Chris ran the San Antonio marathon.

Have you ever thought about what would happen if you caught that cold you so stridently tried to miss? Then you knew you had it on the very morning of the marathon event? Then on the way to the starting line, you twist your ankle? Well, Marathon Chris is experienced! You know what? This class runner completed the marathon with both of those things! Go, Marathon Chris, go!

If you get a chance, commend these two runners! Congratulations!

What a team of runners we have!

- - - - - - - - - -

Here is the skinny on this one! As a group, we already have over 300 miles logged so far this month! And we did it in only 2 weeks! I know that I say it all the time, but what a group we are!

Now... I've signed up for another marathon. So for the next few weeks, I will continue to contribute to the overall. Let's start thinking about December and the target miles.

I am working on an update of events that are coming up. If you have a competition scheduled (as a participant or a volunteer - We all know that those volunteers are oh so necessary!) then let me know! Look for an update soon!

Thanks everybody for being a part of this! Each and everyone of you are really great being a part of this! Thanks!

Now... Get out there and run or walk!


TinaGirl said...

I'm headed into taper after my 16 mile run this Sunday so my miles will start cutting back but my Marathon is on December 7th. I will be running a little between then and the new year when a new half marathon program starts. Good Luck everybody! Have a great November.

Jim said...

Congratulations on signing up for a marathon, which one?

I ran 14 miles this morning, felt like crap!

I have four half-marathons and one volunteer assignment in the next four months.

Space Coast 11/30
Jacksonville 12/21
DeLeon Springs 1/4
Breast Cancer 2/15

I will be volunteering at mile 24 of the Disney Marathon. They usually are handing out chocolate.

What a group!!

CewTwo said...

It started super cold this morning in Denver, so I opted to do my run on the dreadmill. I ran 16.25 miles.

I have registered for the Las Vegas Marathon on December 7th. I am looking for an event to volunteer for.

lizzie lee said...

Charlie, today Sat 15th, I ran 13.1 miles....

Wow, 16.25 miles in the treadmill is very close to insanity....!!!


OrtingRunner said...

I cant imagine running that far on a treadmill. I need to feel the wind against my face (albeit a slow breeze).

10 miles Sat Nov 15th. on the Green River Trail (very notorious part of Seattle due to serial killer).

ShirleyPerly said...

Great work, everyone! Count me in for 26.2 on Route 66.

MarathonChris said...

26.2 for me in San Antonio!

akshaye said...

Count me in for 6 today.

Susan said...

Zero for me... was on vaca and probably walked a million miles... but nothing official!

Maddy said...

Blah! That sums up my weekend. With a short long run and a long long run that would have pushed me over the 1,000 mile mark for the year, it just didn't happen. You can put me down for 1.65 miles in the humidty (my what a few days can do...) on Friday. Lame!

Tammy said...

Wow I walk 3.2 and you all do marathons, makes me feel like I'm not doing enough. Well I know soon I will be there, but at least I'm back and it feels great! ( I just hate the cold weather)

Marathon Girl Leslie said...

I'm doing the following halves and marathons coming up... i'll post my mileage later...

11/30 - Space Coast Half Marahon
12/6 - OUC Half
12/7 - Brandon Half
12/14 - Madeira Beach Halfathon
12/27 - Florida Marathon Half
1/11 - GOOFY Half Marathon
1/12 - GOOFY Full Marathon

ShirleyPerly said...

Tammy, we're ELATED to have you back posting some miles for the group. Don't worry about what others are doing. Just do your thing :-)

CewTwo said...


Every mile counts and now that you are back and able to walk, that is just so great! Exercise is what we're after and you are succeeding at that! How can it get any better?