Thursday, October 2, 2008

VRR - Starting October!

What a month September was! I know that I added up to 190 miles last month. Tinagirl ran an amazing 130 miles! A lot of us had some amazing miles!

Be sure to wish TinaGirl a great race as she has the Sacramento Cowtown Half Marathon this weekend!

Next weekend - Jim, Maddy, Petra, cewtwo all have marathon races! Wish them skill, luck and fruition to their training efforts!

Be sure to report your miles run!

Again! What a group to run with!

Run on, friends, run on!


Jim said...

My final training run before the marathon, 10 miles. Feeling great!

Best wishes to everyone who has an event this month!

Be safe in your travels and on race day. Most of all have "FUN"

CewTwo said...

My final long (?) run! 8.41 miles!

Susan said...

10 miles for me and Baby Isaac (in utero) today! :)

lizzie lee said...
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lizzie lee said...

How do I post my miles? I ran today Sat 16.2 miles.

MarathonChris said...

I think Shirley ran a marathon this weekend as well.

I ran 20 miles today (ouch!).

Taper well all you Chicago Marathoners!

ShirleyPerly said...

Yes, I did! So 26.2 miles for me. It was a pretty tough race because I was/am sick :-( But I got it done :-)

Race report to follow soon!!

TinaGirl said...

13.1 miles today for me. Half marathon... New PR! YEA! under 2 hours.My finishing medal? A cowbell, seriously cute! Great job everyone.

Jade Lady said...

hmmm.I thought I commented...but it's nowhere else to be found!

4.5 miles for me!

Good luck to all in chicago!