Thursday, October 16, 2008

Chicago - Our Running Delegation!

Charlie, Maddy, Petra, Melisa

Melisa & Bill

I thought that I would post some pre-event pictures. Remember that this Blogsite is where we met and decided to go to Chicago!

Notice the shirts! I was called by name so many times that I lost count! They were also printed on the back.

In addition to this website (with a special logo design), and the Chicago Marathon, they also extolled the World Wide Festival of Races and named each individually.


Susan said...

What a great looking group!!! :)

Road Warrior said...

Great pictures, guy and gals! You look great!

ShirleyPerly said...

LOVE the pictures! And great shirt design too!!

MarathonChris said...

The shirts are a great idea!!! How can we get some made up for Disney? Where did you order.

I like the "Whats a Few Miles Among Friends" and the blogger names on front!!!

Great group!

akshaye said...

Very nice.. fantastic idea on the t-shirts.

lizzie lee said...

Thanks for the pictures.....

DO you need the mileage, or will you copy from the workout totals?

Anyway, my mileage: 14.91 (can settle with 14.90 :)

CewTwo said...

The shirts were a little busy, but they are available here - You can customize them any way you want including making them up just for a special event.

I can get the mileage from training log/sites, but it is so much better when we are all interactive!