Tuesday, December 4, 2007

It's Winter Time!

Hi everyone. Just checking in here. With my marathon behind me, I am thinking ahead. How is everyone occupying themselves this winter? I will do a 5K for fun on 12/15. And I am aiming to become more of a gym person. So what's your story?


Petraruns said...

My January - new beginnings - has started early this year. I'm losing weight in December (amazing! do you all hate me now?), I've started a new job / career, started a new (very ambitious) training plan for my spring marathon and am generally just about keeping it all together.. Am also becoming a reluctant gymbunny due to having to run on treadmills at night and am also doing weights to fight my bingowings and muffintop. Oh it's not an easy life, I tell you!

ShirleyPerly said...

I'm taking the rest of December off from racing and hard training. Just fun, easy stuff for me. Actually, I'd like to do more strength training too.

But starting in January sometime, after I figure out my specific 2008 race goals (which I'll use my races to achieve), I'll begin training again and perhaps under the guidance of a coach. Stay tuned ...

MarathonChris said...

Hmmmm, running a 5K on 12/8 if my calf cooperates, then ramping up for the Disney World Marathon on January 13th. At that point, taking a break from hard training - want to get back into weights and try some other cross training to give my poor left foot/calf/hamstring a chance to really recover!

Also want to become more regular with the podcasting thing again.

IrishBlue said...

Sidebar - Petra, I found your muffin top...bahahaha.

I'm *suppose* to be on a diet too, but 'tis not going so well. This week has been particularly bad as we are getting carpet, so my house is a mess, my furniture is in the garage, it was 5 degrees out this AM and I have no place to go to workout.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel - carpet should be done tomorrow. So, I'm try to make up for the last 3 bad food days by being good for the next 4. Pray please.

I'm doing exercise DVDs which I really like this month. They are an all over workout, cardio, strength, abs, yoga, and stretching.

In January I plan to start running again and ramp up my miles for Feb, when I'm going to train for the Cleveland Half Marathon in May.

Just today I added NYC Marathon to my running schedule as a maybe. Anyone?? I need a support group.

Happy Holidays to all.