Thursday, July 12, 2007

IPODs and Lightening

As a fierce storm with lots of thunder and lightening moved over my house just now, I happened to see this CNN article about the hazards of wearing an IPOD when lightening might be present.

I've been caught in such a thunderstorm while running outside a couple times. The storm just seemed to come out of nowhere and, foolishly, I continued running instead of crouching down low and staying away from trees or other tall objects. I never wear an IPOD while running outside, but if I did I probably would not have thought to remove it.

Please be safe, especially those of us who live in Central FL, the Lightning Capital of the U.S.!


PLANET3RRY said...

our paper had a similar article. Of course, it could be ANY mp3 player, Heart Rate Monitor or other conductive electronic equipment.

Of course last week, as I was recording audio for my upcoming Gravity episode, I was running and a Lightening storm came by... of course I was wearing an iRiver with Microphone, HRM, another MP3 player, plus the assorted watches. I did try to catch the thunder in the background but it didn't work.

Since I was on a time schedule, I didn't take cover or anything like that. I was banking on all the trees to have a higher charge that me and since electricity is pretty lazy that it would hit the trees, not me. This leads to have a contingency plan in case of a tree falling.

But regardless of the stupid stuff that I do, it does warrant attention to the weather.

ShirleyPerly said...

Good point about other common devices causing problems, too. For years, I ran sans any devices (not even a watch) but now I usually wear at least a watch and bring my cell phone.

Susan said...

Yeesh - note to self!!!!