Friday, September 24, 2010

FALLing down on the Pace? We AUTUMN do better!

Sorry about the puns...  But I couldn't resist!

Leave your distance in a comment!  Should be a fun weekend!

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You guys are amazing!  Every weekend!


CewTwo said...

10.12 miles for Charlie today! 3 weeks to the Denver RnR half!
Couldn't head out too early today. Had to wait for it to get warm enough!

lizzie lee said...

13.1 for me on 9/18. Half Marathon Army Strong...and I PRd

MarathonChris said...

8.17 today for me - next week I do the 8 mile leg of the Wine and Dine Half Marathon relay - it's going to rock!

Gina Harris said...

8.03 for me today, a very difficult run. Congratulations on your half last weekend, Lizzie! Good luck next weekend, Chris and to Charlie in 3 weeks.

Mike said...

12 miles biking.

My diagnosis came back as a tear/rupture of my plantaris muscle/tendon, no running for a few weeks so marathon next weekend is out. Hopefully back to running by next weekend still :-), just not a marathon :-(.

Congrats Lizzie on the PR.

ShirleyPerly said...

Congrats, LL, on the PR!

67.5 miles for me on the bike today :-)

Susan said...

16.81 for me. 6 last weekend.

lizzie lee said...

Charlie, you didn't add my 13.1 on the 18th... The negative number grows!!!