Friday, June 12, 2009

Summer Makes Running Not A Bummer!

How is your MOJO doing?

Keeping up with the heat? Or... Are you a source of it>

Let us know as you post your runs and walks for the weekend!

Have fun!

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Thanks for the updates!


Jade Lady said...

Hey, my mojo is back! Thx for asking...and, the heat is definitely ON here in Texas.

This whole week, I did great on exercise, but this weekend had no running involved (except running after kids at my daughter's bday party). Tomorrow, I'll be walking around at SeaWorld, just trying to stay cool!

Have a good rest of the weekend yall!

Jim said...

My "MOJO" melted on Thursday, hot in Florida. It was 96 degrees when we started our training run!

Saturday was "better", about 80 for our 12 mile run. someone said it builds character.

Hope you can find cooler spots to run in the USA.

Tammy said...

Ran 8.3 On Saturday going for my long run end of this week. (going for 11. Than taper for my 1/2 on June 28th!

Maddy said...

Another Goose Egg for me this weekend. Hopefully it will be my last one for a while.

And like jim said it's been HOT here and no relief insight...

RunWesty said...

26.2 for me, it wasn't pretty but it was fun and thankfully it wasn't too hot but hotter than I would have liked. Post to follow on my blog.

ShirleyPerly said...

Well, a trip to San Diego has done wonders for my mojo. Just got in yesterday and ran 12 miles on a beautiful breezy sunny day along the waterfront. Felt so good following a long bike/run workout on a brutally hot day in Orlando.

Keep up the energy, everyone!!

nylisa said...

Busy, busy month between the closing, work, and the business. But, I managed a 4 miler between work on Sunday!

Susan said...

I did an incredibly hot and miserable 5K on Saturday night in Memphis!

And in other news, I just posted a ton of photos of 4-month-old Isaac on my blog. :)

akshaye said...

8 miles for me this past weekend! Missed the earlier part of the month due to my trip to Italy. Not that I am complaining :)