Monday, March 17, 2008

The Chicago Marathon

Hi Everybody!

I have added two competitions to my schedule this year. I will be running a 4 mile race with a friend. It is the Slacker. I ran the half-marathon last year, but my friend wants to run the 4 mile, so I will. You can find out about it here -

I really think that I should run the half (for training), but sometimes friendship overrides these things.

The second confirmed and registered competition for me is my first full marathon. I am registered for and will be running the Chicago Marathon!

I am so looking forward to it.

I know that several people are planning on going. Do we have a head count yet?


Tom said...

What a great blog--shared by multiple runners. I co-blog with a running friend and it's a great way to stay enthused.

Hope your training and racing in Chicago goes well. I'm biased, but I think Chicago is the best marathon of them all.

Good luck!

Susan said...

CONGRATS, Charlie!!! Count me in -- in some capacity!

Maddy said...

I'm in!

I can't wait to meet the "team"!

CewTwo said...

Well, I'm flying in on the 10th and out on the 14th! I'll be staying at the Congress Park hotel (near Grant Park).

I am so pumped for this marathon!

IrishBlue said...

I'm in! I think we will come in Friday too and leave Monday. No hotel arrangements yet though.

I'm pumped too!!

runninggeezer262 said...

Congratulations on your selection of the Chicago Marathon, a great event! I ran it in 2006, the cold year. I just did a post on my blog and mentioned the wonderful restaurant we ate at. It is called "Trattoria Roma", 1535 N. Wells Ave. A short cab ride from your hotel. Good luck with your training. The Chicago course is FLAT!

Anonymous said...

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