Wednesday, September 5, 2007

What's on your rider?

After my Oprah moment of profundity I have returned, you will be delighted to hear, to my usual level of comfortable inanity. So guys and gals - when the hurly burly's done, when the battle's lost and won, when the marathon is run - what's on your rider? What's the treat you're dreaming of at the end of race day?

Now Melissa has been giving us some insights into her secret treats (chips and dips anyone?) but I'll kick off here. After I run this marathon I will probably hang out in a bar with my parents (it's Amsterdam after all) and smoke a joint (just kidding!). NO! Seriously - I will be buying some beer I imagine. Then the great Dutch tradition of raw pickled herring - it's got to be in your genes I fear. Then maybe chips and mayonnaise - another wonderful Dutch tradition. The kicker is that I'll probably be flying back to the UK in the evening so can't be too inebriated so I'll probably eat a whole enormous bag of black licorice on the flight home (is anyone feeling queasy yet?) and then when I get back to my own house I'll probably pass out (with a big round disgusting belly). If I'm still operating a calorie deficit the next day it looks like I'll be home alone for a few days so that means - control of the remote and back to back Grey's Anatomy and Brothers and Sisters and Weeds and a big bag of tortilla chips with my most recent dip discovery - spoonfuls of Philly mixed with Thai sweet dipping sauce. Oh - and a bottle of Sancerre..

None of you will ever want to party with me will you? At least applaud my honesty. And then give me yours.


CewTwo said...

My want is pizza. I want it fresh, right out of the oven! Generous melted cheese over the ingredients. Fresh onion and bell peper and mushrooms. A delicious flavoring of tomatoes mixed with herbs beneath. The crust would not be too thick, nor too thin. And then wash it down with some porter beer.

Let's run!

Petraruns said...

OOoh yesss. That sounds wonderful actually. I'll join you for one at some point! Better get some more miles in I think..

Susan said...

I'd happily join you for *most* of your post-run fare!

Last year my post-run "treat" was, of all things, Burger King. Not tooooo exciting... but I wanted it!

I treat myself to a little of this, a little of that, during training... so nothing is "forbidden" really -- so a good ole greasy burger (which IS forbidden) really hit the spot!

Maddy said...

First of all, there is nothing wrong with pickled herring. It's awesome! I used to eat it with my mom.

I haven't even thought of a celebratory meal / or treat. What food item is San Fran Famous for? I want that and rocky road ice cream. YUM!!!!!

CewTwo said...

I have been thinking about it and I really like to have some watermelon after a competition.

It has lots of liquid and a great taste!

MarathonChris said...

Not sure what I will crave after my next marathon...after I did Disney I wanted and had a big steak dinner!

Right after my big long runs, I usually down a 24 - 32 oz protein shake with banana added. Then an hour or so later I am famished and, well, eat whatever I can find around the house.

IrishBlue said...

Petra, I so want to party with you!! Accept that pickled herring thing...ah...I'll skip that.

I'd eat a sweaty sock if it was drenched in dip. I have serious *dip* issues. I dip everything. I dip my pizza in ranch! Nothing like a little fat on your greasy fat.

Hmmm, is anyone hungry?

ShirleyPerly said...

Petra, you're so funny!

I don't get to cook fish at home or eat out much because my hubbie hates the smell of fish and eats out so much while traveling so I use running a marathon, which nowadays is always away from home, as an excuse to go out and get some grilled salmon, my favorite fish. I also use birthdays and other excuses to dine out. I get it maybe 8-10 times a year, which still is not enough!